Tuesday, May 24, 2005


channel surfing

Jesse loves the controller. Any controller. TV, DVD, air-cond, fan - you name it, he'll like it. This must be a guy thing. So much so, we always carry our spare DVD controller with us everywhere we go.

Before you think we're too stingy to buy toys for our kid, let me just assure you that Jesse is perfectly happy with the controller. In fact, he loves playing with anything he's not supposed to.

He loves turning the volume knob on the stereo. He loves pulling at, and biting telephone cables and electrical wiring. He loves climbing up onto, and probably even into, our trash can. He loves digging out the keys from my iBook. He loves biting on my car keys. He enjoys biting and pulling at dirty laundry. He loves paper - biting and stuffing it into his mouth every chance he gets. He also likes our mobile phones, especially so when it's in his mouth.

What gives? Are kids like that or is Jesse just plain weird?

We give him toys but he's never interested. And so we resort to bringing our DVD controller out. Thankfully, these days he's also entertained by plastic spoons and paper napkins.

We wasted a lot of money on toys. To date, we would have spent close to a few hundred bucks on toys. In retrospect, we could have just forked out RM 50 for a stack of paper napkins and a bag of disposable spoons. *sigh* Kids are dumb. Heh!

Think of all the money we could have saved. It's too late for us now. But if you're a parent-to-be, don't say we didn't warn you. :)


  1. It's a guy thing. They just love remote controls. Wonder why... maybe you can enlighten me.

  2. haha i think all babies like remote controls and handphones. my baby cousin does! he puts everything to his ear and pretends to talk on it because he sees adults on their mobiles,lol.
    wait till jesse graduates to powder and vaseline, or worse still, motor oil...it's been done in my family ;)

  3. a guy thing? definetely not! it's a baby thing (whether female or male).
    i read or heard someone said, that parents don't have to buy expensive (or not expensive) toys for babies/kids since the best 'toys' they like would be all around your home.

  4. Definitely not a guy thing, my gal also like the remote control & hp. U r right that we should not spend so much on toys. My boy loves playing with boxes. On his 1st bday, he unwrapped the gift, throw away the toy & play with the toy box. But a word of warning, as they grow, their toys get more expensive.

  5. hahahha you're NOT alone :)
    phew i'm so glad u r back cos earlier this morning i kept getting "page cannot be found" message when i tried to load your page, i was wondering oh no, not another blog gone dead!! i'm so glad now u r back on hehe pls dun leave us ok :p

  6. Actually, Ann, I never thought it was a guy thing. In my house, the only person who flicks the channels like she was possessed is Mae!
    Meldee: Motor oil? Oh man!
    I think you're right, Lucia. Toys are really more for toy companies to earn a buck or two! :lol:
    Let's hope the boxes can keep them entertained till they outgrow toys, Michelle. Hahhaha!
    Actually, he is, Li! But that photo was taken some time back.
    I know, BabeKL. I too thought I had stopped blogging. :lol:

  7. *laugh* my 1.5yr old daughter is like that also. buy her a toy and she plays with the box.
    i don't think the remote control thing is limited to boys. my girl is equally thrilled with my TV and astro remote controls and my handphone. :-)

  8. This means you can save alot of moolah in the future, eh James?

  9. It's not a guy thing because my Emily loves the remote controllers and handphones too!

  10. hi james, first comment here. was at a baby shower recently and discovered that the cheapest toy for toddlers are colourful gift-wrappers, preferably scrunched up and flying all over the place. seriously! keeps them amused and lets them release all that destructive energy safely (and inexpensively)!
    jesse's such a cutey, btw. but you already know that i'm sure.

  11. motor oil, yup. when we were younger my two (male) cousins, then aged around 3-5...poured it onto the tiles and proceeded to golek around in it. they then graduated to silver paint that was meant to repaint their dad's bicycle.
    i, apparently, used to smear vaseline into my hair and upholstery, and the only way to get it out was to use powder. haha. kids.

  12. Hahhah, yes Kate. We should just buy boxes!
    Yes, AhPink, I certainly hope so.
    Looks like it's just a baby thing eh, Ariel? :)
    Thanks for the tip, Spot! And thanks for the compliment. :)
    :lol: I see your family is really into Petroleum-based probducts, Meldee!

  13. james, i think your Jesse and my Sueanne can matchmake liao, since they both like the DVD controller. muahahahahar!