Friday, July 22, 2005

Reality Bites Back!

a rare shot of the pearly whites

Jesse is turning out to be this playful, cheeky little monkey. And that's just the way I like it. When Mae was preggers with Jesse, I told her in no uncertain terms that if our boy turned out to be one of those quiet, docile, genteel little kids, we'd have to send him back to the hospital. "This one's broken," we'd tell the complaints dept. "Can we have one that makes funny faces and noises?"

I roughhouse with the little boy quite a bit. I'd toss him up in the air and catch him. I'd hang him upside down holding on to his little legs. I'd blow raspberries all over him. And he'd love it too, laughing his little head off. And sometimes when I was working (*ahem*) at the computer, he'd even taunt me. "Deh-deh!" he'd call out to me, smiling cheekily from ear to ear as he proceeded to crawl away from me. I usually obliged by crawling after him, catching up, turning him over and biting him all over. He'd squeal and screech with laughter. "Daddy's gonna eat you up," I'd tell him.

Yesterday, in another bout of WWE Smackdown! action the boy decided to return the favour. He lunged out at me knocking me down on my back and suddenly CHOMP! he closed his sharp little teeth, all four of them, on my belly. "Yowtch!" I yelped. As I winced in pain from his little choppers the boy clambered up onto my chest, stared into my eyes and proceeded to laugh himself silly.

I think I might have created a little monster.


  1. haha ... so cute! i mean BOTH your baby and YOU ... LOL ... haha :)

  2. Jesse, naughty boy~! I so like it. Hahah! Take a picture of the 4 teeth then. :P

  3. that is so cute. pretty hard to get mad at babies and toddlers, even if they cause you immense pain, but still able to look innocent and baby-laughing silly at our cry of pain.

  4. Children are all the same you adore and love them when they are babies and toddlers. When they grow a little bigger than it's a different story........

  5. Children are all the same. They all go through that "chomping" stage. I can speak from experience since I've been chomped by my sis (much younger) and bro (very much younger) numerous times in the past. Now, it's my little cousin's turn to start chomping :P

  6. did yr mum ever tell you dat you're a little monster as a kid... and said one day you'll hv a little monster to torture yourself :P

  7. Nah.. you didn't.. my baby does the same .. even though we never teach her anything like that..!! and she's a girl.!!!

  8. Hehehe..that's so cute! Emily's also turning into a little cheeky monkey and I just love her to bits!

  9. Wait till they are 2 years old.

  10. [uses jedi pawaas] ... i sense a good disturbance in the phorce ...
    whoaaa.... do i see a Kane in the making ??
    lol lol lol

  11. Hehehehe awwww Jesses started biting have fun, he'll be doing it a lot and really hard. He'll be enjoying the look of shock on your faces hehehehe. Being bitten by such a cutie, no prob! ;p

  12. I never got bitten by my son. However, he often bite his mother's nipple when he is sucking on them. Maybe I should stage a revenge on behalf of his mother...

  13. Hehehehehehe.... your baby is chooo cute ... damn i feel like hugging him and playing with him :) can ah??? i jst love kids .... i think ure baby boy is still a real angel ... u shud ask me mommy the kinda things i did :P including cutting a 50 ringgit note :) lol and spinning myself in the washing machine :P

  14. he's getting handsomer by the day!!! awwww... i wanna bite his charsiewpao cheeks

  15. That's a fine little boy you have there :)

  16. as long as he doesn't go around biting anyone else! hahaha...

  17. that's ok, james. it's only shocking if he does a "that's the way ah-ha ah-ha, i like it, ah-ha ah-ha" victory jig. :lol:

  18. Runs in the family, Matakecil. ;)
    Yes Primarybasic. All children have the defense mechanism we call "Puppy Dog Eyes".
    Shooting the 4 teeth is harder than shooting the Loch Ness Monster, Jason! :lol:
    THQuah: Ouch!
    Yes, they are. Go make one, Sashi. It's a lot of fun. Hhahhh!
    You should chomp them back, Jotay. :lol:
    No, Anon. I was a great kid, so I'm not sure what went wrong. Must be Mae. Hehhh...
    BigBoK, I think kids who have teeth just wanna try and use em somehow.
    Aren't cheeky little monkeys the best, Ariel? :lol:
    Primrose, I'm sure my wife would agree.
    The terrible twos, Gina? Ugh!
    Kane, Leo? Me lost.
    The daddy or the son, YP? ;)
    Cutie or no cutie will depend on WHERE he bites, Visithra! :lol:
    Maybe you should, Egghead.
    :lol: Deepsy, did your washing machine journey have any effect on your mental well-being?
    Is he now, Babe? :)
    Thanks, Reader.
    Somehow I suspect he's gonna do it, CC!
    Belacan: That would be thoroughly entertaining, though!


  20. no la ... it gave my brain a nice blend i suppose and funny i ended up having a lot of hair .. lol

  21. ahhhh!! he sounds so cute!!!
    you haven't seen the kids in my kindy yet!!!