Tuesday, July 5, 2005

REM & Sesame Street

...shiny happy monsters laughing...

This morning I was watching a little Sesame Street with Jesse when out of the wild blue yonder REM showed up. Michael Stipe and the other two guys, whose names I can never remember, sang Furry Happy Monsters to the tune of their monster hit Shiny Happy People. And they were prancing around like they mean it too. :)

Are these guys cool or what? I mean, any multi-platinum rock group that can take some time off to record a song for kids is my kinda people. Go. Watch the video.

Like I always say, Sesame Street is good quality child education programming. I watched it as a kid and look what a well-adjusted person I turned out to be. Hehh! Hopefully, Jesse will learn to appreciate Sesame Street as I have and not be tempted to the dark purple side.


  1. bet Sesame Street is the first "place" the toddler learn their ABC song, soon Jesse will surprise you :D.

  2. Hallmark channel used to show "Play with me Sesame" and "Sesame Street" from 9:30am till 12:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. But last week don't know why no more ler :(

  3. REM in Sesame Street? Cool....but have you watched Elmo's World?. I don't feel comfortable seeing a bunch of kids making fool of an old man, Mr Doodle (or is it Noodle?). Happy with everything else but not that one:(. Because of that I prefer to let Bea1 sticks to Playhouse Disney Channel.

  4. been an ardent fan of r.e.m. since 1990. already downloaded the mp3 for the furry happy monsters when it was televised in the states, but i still remember the first time it was shown on local tv, i think in 2003 when i sent my then fiancee to putrajaya hospital for dengue fever treatment. but my joyous moment was cut short when the hospital attendant changed the channel! i think those guys are cool, and liberal too!

  5. I loved the Happy Furry Monsters Being Glad....I even downloaded a CD full of Sasaeme street tunes :)

  6. I love the Cookie monster! *munch munch chomp chomp*

  7. I hate you
    You hate me
    Lets all go and kill barney
    With a shotgun bang and barneys on the floor
    No more purple dinosour!
    (sang to tune of the damn barney i love you theme)
    REM recently made an appearence on Boston Public too. Pretty cool stuff...

  8. I like the part when Count Dracula counts.. "one" *thunder* "two" *thunder" Hehe.. My fav's still the Cookie Monster. :)

  9. aiyoks, my boiboi lups purple dino wor... he learnt loads from there, now gradually graduate to sesame st & playhse disney

  10. yes... go the sesame street way..not the purple dino way.. he sux big time!!
    my dad actually said, you sure u want him to watch s.s? he'll start thinking all animals and monsters talk!
    ....Don't they anyway?hahahahaahah.....

  11. rock on! Sesame Street rules... I grew up on a daily diet of SS too ;) Loved that show.

  12. yayyyyy sesame street!!! im 24 and i still watch it heheheheheehe... elmo is such a darling .... :D i love how earnie and bert/burt always argue over small things hehehehehehe :D it'll be gd for the boy trust me .. i learnt alot of my abc from s.street :P

  13. Yes, I force Sasha to watch Sesame Street, rather than that purple pain in the ass.

  14. Yay for music artists and children ...
    ... and then there's Michael Jackson.

  15. Twinsmom, I'm not so sure about that. It seems like I'm the only one enjoying Sesame Street at home. Jesse prefers to watch Discovery Travel & Living. Hehhh...
    I think it's in a different timeslot now, Momof2.
    Hmm... i have no idea what you're referring to, Mama22Beas. I suppose I should catch up on my Sesame St. :)
    :lol: I guess not too many people appreciate REM, Nitzus.
    Are you trying to recapture your childhood, Nicktay? Or preparing for fatherhood? :lol:
    You and a whole bunch of women, Primrose!
    Awww... I knew I should have watched Boston Public.
    :) I like Count too, Lil Patchee!
    No comments there, Babe. Hahhahah....!!!!
    Animals talk to me when I'm alone, MOO+1. Bwahahahaha....
    It sure is. I had to get close to the screen to make sure, Leo.
    And look what a well-adjusted young lady you turned out to be, Chun. :)
    Hhehh... good for you Deepsy. Not too many ppl admit they enjoy SS. :)
    Stop forcing lah, Gina. Poor kid will need therapy when you're through with her.
    Gwen... words elude me. :lol:

  16. I love sesame streets - hate purple thing - if anyone starts a hate club for it - id join - ;p
    Big Bird, cookie monster, the grouche (err the one in the garbage can ;p)

  17. Oscar the grouch was my favorite character because I identified most with him! >:)

  18. My sis said the same thing, Visithra. Until her son fell in love with the purple horror!
    You identified with a Sesame St character, Gwen? :lol:

  19. Well, yeah coz I'm a grouch :P and my room can get so messy it's like a garbage can anyway. Wasn't yours? XD