Monday, July 4, 2005

Malaysian Idol

I am a damn groupie, I admit.

Mae and I follow Malaysian Idol religiously. I mean, what's not to love? Here is a full hour of quality entertainment neatly rolled up in an engaging TV programme. It's got nail-biting excitement. It's got human drama. It's got laugh-out-loud comedy (think Michael Jackson impersonator)! And it's got three annoying judges you just love to hate. BTW, I think Jee is the suckiest of the lot simply because she says stupid meaningless words on national TV like "Mensolidkan". What the furshlugginer!??!

Anyway, International Man of Mystery and MI fanboy, Viewtru has set up a blog specially dedicated to the phenomenon we know as Malaysian Idol. Being a fanboy myself, I have shamelessly volunteered to blog in it. Hehhhehh...!! I know, I know. I can easily set up my own Malaysian Idol blog but where's the fun in that. So yeah, I'm lobbying.

So, keep your eyes peeled. Whether or not I blog in Malaysian Idol will depend on whether or not Viewtru sucks. Hehh!


  1. If you're gonna blog there, I wanna too! Waah! Waah! Waaaaaaaah!!
    Besides, someone's gotta counter the anti-Jee rhetoric. Yes. I have a crush on Fauziah Latiff.
    And Maya Karin. So I like threesomes. Sue me.

  2. Open a blog also lar, just in case I miss an episode and I need to read about it in someone else's blog!

  3. sighh i hvnt even catch a single episode this year! no time for telly urrghhh :o(
    can group blog mah :p

  4. Oh, I just read your comment in my Malaysia Idol blog. So that is what you mean by lobbying! Actually, having guest bloggers is not a problem with me. But I would prefer to have a blog ring of bloggers so that the numbers appear bigger. We would appear as a group of blogs rather than one blog, so our opinions will count more. I believe we can accumulate more links than many of the forums. Sashi knows how Google works and if we work in tandem, we can be in the forefront of search hits for Malaysian Idol. What say you?

  5. I am one big fan on m'sian idol too but i can't watch over here. :(
    Thank God for internet, I can download and watch all the clips at one go!

  6. Aiyo why so bias one? Can do one on Akademi Fantasia, ah? Got M.Nasir as the principal. I like. I like like like. *slurp drool* :lol:

  7. I remember when my only form of real entertainment was running outside my house gate to play "catch" with my friends :P
    For some reason, reality TV shows never quite caught on with me. I refuse to be infected by the mass public! REFUSE!
    *turns on Real World on MTV*

  8. Hehehe the MJ impersonator who sang like samy vellu was very very funny

  9. ya ya, james, go setup your own MI blog. how abt calling yourself the TV Judge? or NES for No-Eye-See? ;)

  10. belacan: You set up one also lah. I figure that if we can have 6 to 8 blogs going on MI, every Google search will turn up at least 4 of us in the top ten. Then we can route the traffic to our blog ring members and that should give us a big mindshare. All you need to do is blog once a week on the topic and keep it separate from non MI stuff. Think about it, okay? I'm feeling lonely already!

  11. Hahahh Sashi! Terus mensolidkan! :lol:
    Aiyooo Viewtru, you damn sucky lah. :lol: I dunno about starting up new blogs on MI. I always thought that if everyone linked a particular blog, it'll go up the search! Oh well, we'll see....
    Not a single episode, Babe? How could you???!!
    Hallelujah for internet, Eileen.
    Me no watch Akademi Fantasia lah, Anjali. For some reason, I haven't ever felt compelled to watch it. But I do know that what little I see of Zahid and Vince annoys me. Hehh.
    Resistance is futile, Gwen.
    :lol: TK Chow, I think that about sums up that performance.
    :lol: Belacan, stop tempting me. I just might.

  12. I caught last weeks it just me or where they all..erm, well..err...kinda bad.
    Except for one, Attilia..she tried to do a Whitney and was quite alright. Or maybe i just have really high standards after following Jac's perfomances last season. Oh well..

  13. I am also a big fan of MI, not so much of AI. Hehehe...yeah agree with you that Kak Jee is only lovely to look at. I predicted those three Atilia, Faizull & Xerra were in. Atilia gave the best performance. Donno what Faizull was screaming abt. Xerra pick the wrong song. I also like Nita, hope she sings well and not just win by looks. My friend also joined, he did not make it to the top sad.

  14. Opps sorry, here is a website which have video clips on all the episodes:

  15. *blinks and misses it* Wha ...?
    I BORG, you Jane ok?

  16. I agree, Annu. The 1st workshop was really nothing to shout about.
    Michelle: I was actually rooting for Faizal, whom in my opinion sang well. Sure, he wasn't terribly flashy with the vocal acrobatics but he was probably the only guy who sang a song without any pitch problems. Oh well.
    Ugh, Gwen!