Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Okay. So it's not really sleepwalking since Jesse can't actually walk yet, but you get what I mean. This morning at 6:00 am the boy got up, his eyes glazed over. He then proceeded to crawl around a bit staring blankly into space before plopping back into the sheets. Heh!

Last week was funnier. I was lying next to him just looking at him sleep when he suddenly put his hands together, palms facing downwards and smiling from ear to ear. Then he went on to do a bouncing action and muttered the words, "Bahl-bahl". We must be stimulating him a little too much in the day!

Reminds me of my cousins Chimps and Dink.

Chimps, as my name for her suggests, is every bit the monkey - agile, lively and furry as hell. When she was about 6 or 7, she used to get up in the night and walked to the window to watch the neighbourhood children play. At 3:00 am. WooOoOoOo~ Spooky. I wondered if she actually saw kids playing.

Dink is another classic. One time he fell asleep watching TV when he suddenly sat up and yelled, "I'll kill all of you!" We laughed at the dumbass till he woke up, right there and then. And he'd wonder how he got there. There was another time when we were both 20-something. He was sleeping right next to me on the carpet in the living room when he suddenly got up and proceeded to pound me in the face. We were both shouting and attacking one another when he suddenly woke up and wondered why the Evil Hellcat he was killing suddenly turned into his wonderful, forgiving cousin.

I have freaky cousins. Perhaps I will bring a videocam to bed with me after all. If Jesse ever snuffs me out in my sleep, at least I'll have video evidence.


  1. LOL...yar, I know what you mean the sleep talking and crawling, it really happen after an exciting day, but I also notice if my twins two days down the road have this kind of "mid-night activity", they will have dark circle around their eyes.

  2. Freaky family members, you have...

  3. Maybe they do dream after all... my boiboi has so far talk, laff and cry in his sleep! just a short bout then he continue sleeping peacefully?!?

  4. Cool... my kid used to wake up at night and hold up against his bed standing... and yet he is still asleep... my wife and I had to slowly pamper him to that he can lie down slowly... freaky stuff!

  5. I've been reported to sleep talk once in a blue moon - of killing ppl and yelling heheheh
    I love to see babys smilling while they're sleepign so cute!

  6. watching a sleeping baby is one of the most peaceful serene scene you can lay your eyes on. er... that is hopefully s/he doesn't suddenly 'sleep walk' and proceeded to snuff you out. :)

  7. err..... is this normal?

  8. Hmm, Twinsmom, come to think of it sometimes Jesse does get the panda-eyes!
    Oh, you ain't heard about the rest of them yet, Jason. :lol:
    I guess we all do that don't we, Babe - adults and babies.
    Hahhah Egghead, that is a little freaky!
    True, true Visithra. When the smile in their sleep, you know they've had a good day.
    :lol: Gwen.
    Is this a great plot for a movie or what, Lucia!? :)
    I'm sure it is, Kate! :)
    What, CC? My kid, or my cousins?

  9. me kid giggles alot... v v v scary..esp in middle of night..

  10. Holie Molie James... your kid is not that bad.. but your cousin Dink.. is scary..
    and Chimp.. is a gal? and you call her hairy.. hmm.. you know what they say about "hairy gals" .. anyways..
    She sees kids playing in the street at 3am? yeeks.. scary stuff man.. what are the things you did when you were a kid? hmm

  11. Lunacy runs in the family. You better. hahaha.

  12. I know what you mean, MOO+1! :lol;
    Ooh, I've got plenty of stories, Paul!
    I'm Hainanese, what can I say Gina!