Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All Nighter

About a month back, Jesse gave up all his night feeds.

Jesse used to go to bed at 10:00pm, wake up to eat at 12:00am, again at 3:00am and once more at 6:00am. Mae and I would have to take turns getting up. It was hell. One time, we tried to wean him off the night feeds. This worked for a couple of weeks but soon after, Jesse was back to his old ways. And since weaning can be a heartbreak affair, we swore never to put our child through the agony again.

There are two school of thoughts where this is concerned - some parents say weaning is good training, while others think it's downright cruel. Either way, do know that your baby will eventually outgrow the night feeds. Jesse did.

For awhile, out of habit, Mae and I were still getting up at 3:00 to feed him - only to find the boy snoring away like a little pig. And the sight of our little piglet sleeping so peacefully would draw a tear from our eyes. "What a good boy he is," Mae would say. "He's knows his parent need the rest."

What a poignant moment it would have been, had we not drawn the same tear and said the same thing night after night. Heheh. What can I say? We're weird. But any parent who's ever had to wake up for night feeds will certainly appreciate the moment when they can finally have a good night's rest.


  1. congrats... i learnt from an article dat we shld not push our kids. when they're ready, they're ready. how true!

  2. Wow..!! that's just so cool..!!
    I wish baby girl will be the same too.. sometime soon.. ;)
    Could use the sleep.. :)

  3. good night's rest until ... the next baby?

  4. My little skywalker is still on breastfeed. We tend to follow advise by US hospitals - breastfeed if you can until two years old. But I think my wife will end it in the next few months (currently is one year already).
    Breastfeeding baby is a good way to get them to bed. He can make all the noise he wants before we switch off the lights. After that, he will suck and slowly goes to sleep without any noise. My wife will normally be asleep before our son.
    I advise to-be mums try it...

  5. Yes Babe, kids have a built-in auto-sleep programme that takes a while to load, eh?
    Don't worry, BigBoK, she'll get there.
    Whhha, at this stage in my life, I take whatever I can get. :lol:
    That's good advise, Egghead!

  6. Yesh :D it's very amazing one hahaha

  7. my kids start sleeping thru the night from 3 months old. must be very tired.


  9. Only one tear? I think I cried at least 2 rivers worth the first time my twins slept 11 hours straight through. Happy tears, of course. I will never forget that night, I mean morning! :)

  10. Little miracles, Babe.
    We need to know your secret, Simon. Spill it!!!
    It sure is, Melo-Jo. And to think it's only just sleep... :)
    :lol: If I had twins I'd be crying rivers too, Sarah.