Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Squished My Eyeballs

I was at Mae's parents' house. We were waiting to go out for dinner when I decided on a quick power nap. Two minutes in and I'm out like a light. I must have slept for a good 15 minutes when Mae woke me up.

"We're leaving!" she barked forcefully, but humanely said. I got into the car groggily and proceeded to drive off. And then I noticed my eyesight was sort of wonky. There were these weird, translucent images flying about me.

I have a theory. When I slept, I had put my arm over my eyes to block out the light. Unfortunately, the weight of my arms over my eyes didn't do my eyeballs any favour. They sort of got squished out of shape. You know how you sometimes sleep on a waffle iron and wake up to get these waffle impressions on your face? Hahhah... okay, so you don't usually sleep on waffle irons but you get the idea. My eyeballs we squeezed out of shape.

As a result, due to my newly, oddly shaped eyeballs, my eye lens casted refracted images on my retina. Everything looked weird. Just imagine a jellyfish swimming about in your eyeballs. That's what it looked like. And it took a bloody half hour before I regained my normal vision. That's twice the time I slept.Mafulat!

Do I have extra-pliant eyeballs or is this a normal occurence?


  1. Prolly you strained your eyes too much trying to cucimata at those Ipoh mali syts without Mae noticing. So that's why lor.

  2. No it's not a normal occurrence. Please expect scientists from NASA and the US Army to visit you and study your eyeballs for the future well-being of all Republicans...

  3. i have what u call floaters, because of folds at my retina or something. i see some mosquito like blur stuffs following my vision all the time.
    at first it was annoying, but after a while i got used to ignoring it.

  4. don't panic, don't panic, happen to me too, and I thought my eyeball going to be like that (odd shape) forever hahaha...then it is OK later, but the vision blur lar for a while.

  5. huh? like that also can one eh? me no hear of this before.
    me do hear, and personally experience' waffle impression' but not squished eyeball. in fact this the first time i heard of it.

  6. LOL! like that still can drive meh? tsk tsk tsk...

  7. LOL u never played pressing yr eyeballs for a few seconds before when u were a kid? :p

  8. Ya, ya, I get that too! Like a layer of cloud blocking. The trick:
    Step 1: *blink, blink.....(20 times)....blink*
    Step 2: Open eyes big big
    Step 3: Close eyes and roll eye ball
    Step 4: Repeat Step 1

  9. The last I heard from a guy friend, he saw many women in bikini flying his way. Did you not see that? Hmm...maybe you need to squish your eyeballs longer then. :lol:

  10. funny these eyeballs. my (then pregnant) friend had a tiny hole in her retina, waking up one day. She couldn't see at one spot.... just one spot...Acc to Dr, there was no place for the water to go, so it burst a hole. It could hv gone to her legs....but no.... she was never swollen throughout her pregnancy. Only her eye. WIERD. So.. yes... eyeballs are wierd.

  11. I had that once. I saw stars. Really colorful stars swirlling around in my vision. But it was too colorful I kindda liked it. too bad it didnt last after a minute.

  12. Cucimata, Lilian? What's that? ;)
    Ahh Sashi, that explains the free ticket to Area 51 I found in my postbox.
    :lol: Ryuu, I thought floaters are the stuff that don't get flushed away.
    Thanks Twinsmom, you make me feel normal.
    Go try it Lucia, it's fun!!! :lol:
    Hey BigBoK, why is your blog password protected?
    Hey D.Goddess, I can drive under ANY condition. :lol:
    I'm not even sure if I was ever a kid, Babe. :lol:
    Ah Primrose, I take it that you're an expert in these things.
    That does it, Anjali. Tonight I'm squishing them again.
    MOO+1: Euwwww!!!
    Maybe you didn't squish long enough, Inn!

  13. Hey.. James .. did you go into the right blog..??