Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Of Treats and Retreats

Over the weekend, Mae and I, Jesse and Roma made our way back to Taiping with our Cell Group (church, not terrorists) members, Elsie, Shamini, Bee Bee and Shannon. It was our annual CG retreat and this time around we decided to pig out all the way there. Breakfast and lunch in Ipoh, dinner and supper in Taiping, a breakfast in Taiping before we go to Kampar for lunch and then home. Fuuuh!

Details soon. Plus photos. Watch this space!


  1. Fuwah! That sounds so fun! PLus the travelling of course! Should drop by Sitiawan lei! Fantabulous food there?!! Yummy!!

  2. wahhh food safari!!!!! *drooling oredi*

  3. Eh?? You no more on diet?

  4. LOL.. now Ann is our diet parole officer!! Hahaha.
    Wah lau yeh. I should join also so I won't mensiasuikan myself, calling self a fellow taipingese? and dunno the whereabout what is the best to makan there. *Sigh*

  5. Hey! Cepat upload the pics! Oh! and i've changed my blog add coz my bossie's doing spot-check. And i thot that only happens during the Secondary years..

  6. What's good at Sitiawan, Ahwern?
    It was definitely a Safari, Babe. We ate like animals.
    Diet, schmiet Ann! :lol:
    You should, Gina!
    :lol: Bee good, Nina.