Sunday, March 28, 2004

Our First Steps Into Parenthood

these booties are made from walking

Seeing as to how little time we had before the Malaysia Mega Sales ends, Mae and I decided that we ought to start buying stuff to prepare for Baby's arrival. There's so much to buy, we're completely overwhelmed by the task. We need a cot and bedding, a stroller, a car seat, diapers, milk bottles, flasks, bath tubs, baby clothes and ample storage to keep all the stuff.

We spent hours at Tesco Mutiara's Baby Fair Promotion and got ourselves quite a bit of stuff. By the way, if you haven't heard, Tesco Mutiara is open 24-hours. We bougth a lot of very practical items like diapers, shampoos, lotions, containers and baby wipes. And we bought some cute, whimsical stuff like the booties you see in the picture and little monogrammed baby towels. We were buying all this stuff for our unborn Baby and it was the nicest feeling looking through the things we got. I don't think we've ever felt happier shopping!

Baby's existence in our live has turned it upside-down. And yet, we feel such joy. I suppose parenthood does strange things to people, even if they're not quite parents yet.


  1. Doh! I was going to post some baby shoes (more like socks actually) pictures today but you beat me to it.
    Hey, the Mega Sales are on for three times in a year right? The next one should be sometime in the middle of the year.. so there'd still be some precious time left for shopping. ;)

  2. aawww, the tiny shoes are cute :D this blog makes me wanna have another baby asap :D *piak james* (quote and unquote) huhu
    we bought a baby cot plus all the beddings, bumpers and mobile to go with it for our first child but since i was breast-feeding exclusively the baby ended up sleeping with me in the bed. the cot became a place to dump in all the toys. hahaha
    when shopping for a baby pram, make sure that it's sturdy but not too bulky otherwise you won't have any space in your car boot for other things. buy from a good reliable brand. ours lasted for 7 years and 2 (very active) kids :)

  3. i like the doggie ones too, got a pair for a friend's son.. :)

  4. Hey Strizzt! Post also lah... can compare mah! Apparently the next Mega Sales is in August.
    That's Mae's choice, oliviasy. I think all girls think alike. Right, pickyin? :lol: I picked the more macho one! :)
    Thanks for the tip, gambit! :) We got the same advice for the baby pram. We bought one that's fairly light and easy to fold. And hey, have another kid lah!