Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Damn Good Salesman

Over the weekend, Mae and I have been shopping for Baby's stuff. Last Saturday, we ended up in this shop in Damansara Utama, the Lucky Stars Babyland which is along the same road as Telekom. Here we met what must have been the best salesman in the business.

We've been pretty anxious about spending our hard-earned money on the wrong stuff so our experience with Lucky Stars was refreshing indeed. The proprietor (we think he owns the place) was very knowledgeable and he understood the product and brandnames he carried. To top it off, he was a really funny guy! Here was this flamboyant, effeminate-ish, 40-something Chinese guy cracking us up with his cheeky demeanour and haltering English! And he was really popular with the older ladies who kept telling him he was the best salesman in the world!

Since we've been considering breastfeeding for Baby (I use the term "we" loosely) we decided to ask Mr Lucky Stars about the products for such a purpose. That's when he led us to this electric pump thingy that was supposed to help mothers express their milk. He started off with a very awkward explanation, "You can pump from the left...erm... and then the right...uh..you know...?" So to help ease his discomfort, Mae finished his sentence for him, "... breast?" And then he just lost his inhibitions, and things pretty much went nuts. "This pump is very good one." Then he went on to say, "It's very comfortable one, and it can massage the nipples." And as he said that, he did the gesture with his fingers. You know that cupping-your-fingers action? Hahahaha!!! Somehow, Mr Lucky Stars felt the need to visually depict it for us. Anyway, we left the place happy. We got what we needed. And Mr Lucky Stars gave us great advice. And he entertained us with his fingers.

That image will haunt me for the rest of my life.


  1. ehehehe... so funny the encounter. well, at least u guys found a place dat actually has nice ppl helping you out. dat's a good start.

  2. haha..me have to make sure me visit this place when me is in KL next so that me can meet this Mr funny Lucky Stars
    glad to know that Mae is considering breast feeding. I'm all for it :) there's no substitute for mom's milk :) I bought a breast pump too . mine was a Madela, was that the same one they had in Lucky Stars? if it is, i'd recommend it.

  3. breast feeding...ouch!!!!!!! cant imagine they press ur to the max milk..ouch!!!!!!
    james, btw...ur sites appear like microsoft word to me...without all the pictures...why is that?

  4. Yup, oliviasy. It's not easy to find good shopkeepers these days.
    Thanks for the tip, gambit. But isn't Madela a super expensive brand?
    Breastfeeding is good for Baby, phoenix. And my site looked like Microsoft Word because the server was probably down last night. You're right, Wena. :)