Wednesday, March 17, 2004

With These Rings...

ring within a ring

This one is inspired by Najah Nasseri's amazing photo of a lovely (and probably, awfully expensive) ring. Mae must never ever see that shot. She'll get ideas. Not that she doesn't deserve a Tiffany, just that I can't afford one!

A friend of mine, Kid works with a reputable jeweler. So, months before the wedding we see him and Kid recommends chrome-plated gold wedding bands as opposed to platinum. According to Kid, platinum is expensive, and tough in the sense that it never dents or get scratched too badly. But after you buy it, it's reduced to a piece of worthless metal. Gold on the other hand, despite being a really soft metal will always have a re-sale value . We buy gold without a second thought.

Thinking back, why on earth would we need a resale value on our wedding band? Maybe Kid thinks Mae will leave me and I will come hawk hock the ring back to him to earn back my self esteem! Hahahahha! Anyway, I'm glad that we got the white gold instead of platinum. We've got nicks and scratches all over, only after 2 years. But when I look at the rings, it feels like we've been together forever. I like that.


  1. Nice - especially like the engraving and the war-torn look of it... =)
    BTW, that ring of mine is not 'awfully expensive' - it's silver.

  2. you know.. sratches and dents are better than the perfect ones. To me, I guess it'll symbolize the fact that in life, there ARE those rough moments and bumps that you've to go through sometimes. So yeah, the ring basically would gold ring would basically show how life is instead... ^^
    btw.. not married yet. Just talking nonsense. Hahahahahah!

  3. white gold & platinum. are they the same or diff? sum said it's diff, some say it's the same. how leh? pls advise.

  4. Awwww. :)
    Actually, for a moment there I thought that was the ring from uh, Lord of the Rings.

  5. my sister got titanium rings. :)

  6. War-torn! Hahahaha!!! That about says it right, Najah. Reminds me of that movie, "War of The Roses". :lol: BTW, I'm not sure I trust your gauge on "not awfully expensive". Somehow men and women have a different valuation system for these things.
    Noor hidayat, you sound like you're ripe for the matrimonial harvest!! :lol: Now, where's that girl...?
    Nolah oliviasy, white-gold refers to chrom-plated gold. But on the other hand, platinum in Cantonese is "bak gum", so looks like I'm no help after all. :)
    Strizzt, believe me, one ring does rule them all. Mae's! :)
    Wena, looks like your sis' will outlast mine!