Monday, March 29, 2004


I had the weirdest dream last night.

Baby was born and she turned out to be a girl after all. And the next thing I knew, she was suddenly already a pre-schooler and as cute as a button! But she was short-sighted and had to wear glasses. And just as suddenly as she became a toddler, she was now a teenager and quite the pretty thing. At that point, I realised she looked like my mother! I told Mae about the dream and she said, "Your mom pretty meh?" Hahhaha... and that was the funniest thing I heard all week. Mae thinks I idolise my mother. Do all guys get hung-up about their mothers? Do all guys consider their moms pretty? And do guys end up marrying women who most remind them of mom? Heh! Gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

And what's the deal with the baby girl dream anyway? When I told Mae, she admitted that sometimes she has this nagging suspicion that Baby might just turn out to be a girl somehow!! What on earth will we do with all the baby-blue stuff we bought?

Any dream interpreters out there? :)


  1. first of all, Mom rocks. If there's like this balance scale between Mom & Dad, mom would surely win by an microgram. Sure we love em' both but mom... you know la.
    Secondly, well, you don't have to make your baby girl ALL girlish. Balance her out and take away that negative impression that women are weak out of her. ^^v
    Just my 2 sen.

  2. *puts on her huge 5 inch thick glasses and sits down with a baby book in her hand and speaks in the most low-base-lady-like-tone* you can see here.. there is a very strong bond between your mother and yourself. you have always looked up to her and maybe you hope that there will be some of it in the baby (or the next one) since the current one is a boy, that there will be some qualities of your mother that will be instilled in your child.
    or for a more reliable interpretation..:P

  3. so... is it a boy or girl now...
    it's only a dream. u love yr mum and u probably think of her as the best woman on earth. no suprise if sum of yr mum's qualities goes to BB :) wat am i saying...

  4. Hm, maybe deep down inside you have always wanted a girl. Either that, or it's because you have always been mummy's good boy. ;)

  5. You're right, noor hidayat! I think mom's get a headstart with the kid hence, most of us end up appreciating our mom's more!
    Hahaha!!! You should capture the whole natasha-in-thick-glasses-and-baby-book-in-hand on video!
    You're probably right, oliviasy! :)
    That's exactly what my mom said, Strizzt. Maybe I've been thinking "baby girl" for so long that I even dream of Baby as a girl! :)

  6. You will always dream of the opposite. That is what I read of, before. Sorry to burst your bubble coz it is going to be a boy.
    What did Freud say about this?

  7. Hahahah!!! What a baseless theory, Gina, even for you. :lol: I'm not sure what Sigmund Freud says about this but I'm pretty sure it'll be something sexual.

  8. It is not a baseless theory. I always dream I strike 4D, marry off to a rich bugger, driving BMW.. but they never happened, right?

  9. You can interpet your own dreams by going to this link