Monday, March 8, 2004

Sympathetic Pregnancy?

Over the last few days, I have been the pits. Started off with a fever and some muscle aches on Friday. Saw a doctor the very next day since the aches were keeping me awake. Then things got bad to worse when I suddenly developed nausea and bloatedness in my belly. The fever's gone. The muscles feel fine but the damn nausea is really getting to me. Worse yet, I'm not puking. I only managed to puke this morning at 4am!

My bro-in-law, Fook had been warning me about feeling the symptoms of pregnancy. Fook was puking during my sis' 2nd trimester. I brushed him off, of course. I just told him that it happened to him cos he's a bit of a wuss! Heheh. This must be my punishment.

Apparently some expectant fathers feel these symptoms out of sympathy for their wives' suffering. It well documented in the annals of medical history. Heck, they even gave it a fancy name - Couvade Syndrome. Could it be? The thing is, I don't think I actually felt Mae's suffering - at least not to the extent of inheriting her symptoms.

I didn't tell my doc that Mae was preggers when I saw him this morning. He isn't quite sure what's wrong with me so he just gave me a condescending, "It's probably a virus" answer. I hope he's right though. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I feel like shit.

If I didn't feel sympathy for Mae before I sure as heck feel it now! Today, I can truly appreciate the suffering a woman goes through to have a kid. That's why you must never send a boy to do a woman's job. We're just not man enough!


  1. Coming from you, James? Not man enough?!
    Never thought I'd ever hear it from you.
    Many people is feeling a bit under the weather, maybe you're cooped up in the office too often and need to have the Animal's Night Out thingy again.
    You're fine lah.
    My sifu says "Emotion is controlled by motion." So why don't you go get your mojo back or your dancing shoes.

  2. is it possible for a man to feel these symptoms out of sympathy for their wives' pregnancy? can ah?

  3. wow... thank god it's just the puking and not anything more. Just image what you'll have to go through when your baby is being delivered... the same pain on that you-know-where place ...

  4. hemm... hemm.. i guess god knew which was the stronger gender aye? :P hehehehhehe
    but at least ma is not suffering alone. pa gets to join in the fun too! (altho i have never heard of this kinda thing before... wow i must say)

  5. sounds like the baby wants to get the papy involved as well. haha!

  6. Hm.. I think that happened during the previous episode of Charmed as well (yes yes, I watch the series...). But that was because of magic, of course...
    Interesting that that could happen in real life too, though. :D

  7. To spoof Britney's song, "you're just a man, not yet a woman." ;)

  8. Yes, Shine I agree. Emotion is controlled by motion. That's why you always feel better after you pass motion!! :lol:
    Yes oliviasy, I've heard of a few cases already!
    Oh man!!! Now you got my imagination going all over the place lah, noor hidayat! :lol:
    LOL natasha, guess God knows best, huh?
    Wena, now you know why babies get spanked the moment they come out!! :)
    Hey Strizzt, stranger things happen in real-life!
    Hahahahah! You kill me lah, Fly! *piak* :lol:

  9. Hahaha. I think you should get in on the action, I've heard of these symptoms actually. Watch out, you'll be having cravings too soon.

  10. Hehe .. ain't easy being an expectant daddy :). Good luck mate.

  11. Soon, meesh? I think it's already begun. :lol: Or maybe I'm just plain greedy.
    Thanks Bob K. You should know. :)

    Thought you'd enjoy this.