Monday, March 15, 2004

The Ultimate Chickwagon

baby, you can drive my car

This was probably something that's been looming over the horizon ever since women were allowed to vote. Just yesterday, I read about Volvo's concept car for women - designed by women for women. And these ladies sure thought of everything!

The new Volvo YCC comes with gullwing doors to protect a woman's modesty when she gets in and out of the car. The car parks itself so there's no need to fear parallel parking spots anymore. There is no bonnet cos no woman should have to pop the lid to look at the engine. Access to petrol tank and windscreen washer reservoir is via a cap-less valve, just so you won't chip your nails or dirty your fingers opening those ridiculous filler caps. And even the headrest is designed to accommodate your ponytail, should you decide to keep a ponytail. And women around the world rejoice! Hehheh!

I was telling Mae about this when she recounts the story of a friend, Doopsie. Doopsie is the kind of woman that makes all women drivers look bad. She gets into accidents and fender benders like her life depended on it. So Doopsie's dad decides that she'll need a car that can hold up against his accident-prone daughter. So he goes out and gets her a Volvo! Sheesh! And Mae goes on and on about how Volvo is a safe car. So, like any good husband I gently bring her back down to earth.

"Honey, Doopsie doesn't need a Volvo. She needs a bus card!" Hahahah! Having said that, bad drivers are not exclusive to the feminine gender. I know a few men too who'd be better off using public transport.


  1. It was when I read the car parks itself that I actually clicked on the article link to read all about this intelligent life-form. I drive a Kancil and like the car because it's small (read: easy to manoeuvre).
    It was my dad who taught me how to drive. He'd draw diagrams to demonstrate how the car moves. He showed me how to gauge distances and used to take me out every evening to practice driving, reversing, three-point-turns, and parallel parking. We'd look for an empty slot flanked by two parked cars, and I'd slide my car in, drive out, then repeat the process a few times just to be sure.
    So you know, if a woman drives badly, I'm gonna blame it on the men in her life. If men are such wonderful drivers, why can't they take the time to teach their womenfolk the art of driving?

  2. Hahaha!!! That's funny, irene!! Y'know, I think women drivers aren't really worse than men - they just got a worse PR job! I think this car is an example of bad PR for women drivers. And then, there's that Kurnia Expres ad on TV!! :lol: