Saturday, March 13, 2004

Ultra Sound Advice

Dr Liew post on the dangers of ultrasound got me a little worried. According to some studies, it might increase tissue temperature. I mean, I have always been wary of technology. How do we know that the things we use to ease our lives will not ease us of our lives altogether?

It's no secret; I like that we have ultrasound. It give me peace of mind when I can see what's happening in the womb. I get reassurance when I see Baby turning and tossing about, when I see his little heart beat. It also helps that ultrasound can detect any anomalies inside Mae's womb - like a fibriod or a cyst. But now, I'm beginning to wonder if my own assurance and peace of mind is worth risking Baby's butt! I want Baby to arrive good and healthy, not extra hot and crispy!

Perhaps I should tell our gynecologist to ease up a little on the ultrasound. Keep it short and simple, or else! See? It's effecting me already. What if on our next visit, I see the gyne pick up the scanner and my brain short circuits and I pummel the daylights out of that poor woman? Hehhe. That'll be a sight to behold! "G'wan doc, make my day. Reach for that scanner whyduncha!"

Go visit Dr. Liew if you haven't already. I suspect he's one of those wild-eyed, mad-scientist types. Makes me wish he were my doctor. Thank, Gina for that link.


  1. Dont say i pantang here and there.. tell mae not to complain so much on her back aches, nausea, etc etc. According to wai ye (future full moon lady), it is bad for the baby coz the baby will be "siu hey", and think mommy doesn't love him.

  2. You ought to consider being a "full moon lady" too! I hear the pay is pretty good. :lol:

  3. Ultrasound isnt essential with every antenatal visit, unless baby/mom isnt doing very well. Most obstetricians do it just to satisfy the parents. Especially those new-fangled 3D/4D things.