Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Lil' Jumping Jack Flash

by leaps and bounds

Today, we had another scheduled visit to our gynecologist. We'll be going for one every month until Baby's born. But today's visit was extraordinary to say the least!

When the doctor put the ultrasound scanner on Mae, I was expecting to see a larger fetus. But what I didn't expect to see was the amount of activity Baby was up to. He was twitching and rolling and kicking like a bucking bronco! It was mind boggling that someone so little had so much to do in such a little space. Words just can't describe it!! We were amazed and we left Doc office with that post-partum goofiness that new parents have. You know, that doe-eyed, blissful blank stare? :)

I was asking Doc to determine Baby's sex when suddenly Baby crossed his legs on the Ultrasound screen - as if to give us a better look. I just laughed and laughed.

That's my boy. I'm proud as hell!


  1. Congrats mate :). Charis refused to reveal her gender to us until the 8th month. Too shy ler LOL

  2. Not related to the blog, but just wanna wish the father-to-be happy bday!!! :)

  3. ooh, you lucky dude you! i know people who go thru 5 girls and still hope that the next one will be a boy to carry the family name.
    it is your birthday? happy birthday :))))

  4. hey hey. happy birthday to dear ol' daddy-to-be :D i can sense all his excitement & joy!!!

  5. Thanks, Bob K! Yeah, I hear it's the girls that keep you guessing till the end!
    Thanks, Kat! :) Buy me something, okay? Eehheh!
    Natasha, in my case, I just want a kid to call me daddy! So it wouldn't have mattered if Baby turned out to be a girl. :)
    Thanks, oliviasy! :)

  6. When the pregger's belly is round and stationed firmly up, it is going to be a girl.
    and when the belly is a bit pointy and sag, it is going to be a boy.
    this indicator works most of the time. 99% accuracy.
    i think you should read Dr Liew's note on ultra sound side effects on babies in his blog.

  7. The sex isn't all that important. Because no one's taking bets... this time. :)