Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Maid In Indonesia

Mae and I finally succumbed to the pressures of parenthood. After 7 months of roughing it out, juggling childcare and career, bringing Jesse to the officewe're finally paying for a little help. Despite our previous reservations, we've finally come to a workable solution. A live-in maid could help with the upkeep of the house and in the daytime, she could follow Mae to work, to help with the babysitting.

"Can you go to the website and pick out a maid," Mae told me. She hates making decisions like these. "I'd rather you decide," I answered diplomatically, remembering all those instances of indiscretion between male employers and their domestic help. This is a delicate issue.

"Well, at least tell me what kind of maid you want," Mae snapped, getting impatient with my non-committal answer. "Can you just tell me if you prefer Young or Old or Married or Divorced or whatever?" And so, I answered in the only way I knew how.

"Sexy one got ah?"

Hehhehh. Our maid arrives from Indonesia in a couple of months. She will be Mae's choice, of course. And no, she will probably not be sexy.


  1. If I would have said THAT, I would have to sleep outside the bedroom for at least 3 months, lol. Hey - one tip. Dont trust the maid with your baby straigth away. Even when she follows to the office. But good luck, anyway. And don't worry when May picks an old one. Most of them try to be older on paper, but are way younger. hehe . I am kidding.

  2. Hahaha James, I hope you have read my blog on maids? If I get a maid, she has to look like a mutated toad. LOL!
    URL here:

  3. Whoa...finally you've got someone who addresses you as 'sir'! Naik pangkat dah... :)

  4. Congratulations on breaking your reservations about getting a maid. A domestic helper is essential in our very hectic lifestyles. Just hope we don't see your photo in the newspapers in a few months ... abusing the maid/raping here/underpaying here..etc :P

  5. Nice try though. At least you're honest. ;)

  6. hahahaaaa... you're lucky she didn't sock you in the head man!

  7. oh no! Wife and I kept looking to you guys as role models ie parents who survive without a maid. Sigh, there is no hope?

  8. husband, i guess its ok since mae gets to watch the maid all time in her opis. sighhh i wished i could do the same

  9. I know, Andreas. It's like Ripley's Believe it Or Not!!! My sister's maid has recently grown younger by five years. She was 22 when she started work. 2 months ago she was 19. Last week she mysteriously turned 17.
    Of course I read your blog Lilian. But hey, did you know that they now have maids from China? Hehhh...
    AhPink: Hahha... finally a promotion!
    :lol: You crack me up, Cherry.
    Hahhaha. Jordan. HEY!!
    No CC, I was not that lucky. :lol:
    We held on for as long as we could, Husband dude! Sorry man, but unless one of us quit our job to be a Stay-Home-Parent, this seems to be the only viable option. Hope it works out for you.
    Well, you could BabeKL. Go out and work for yourself. :)

  10. well here's wishing you get a good, nice, helpful, hard-working, obedient, not sexy maid.

  11. *gasp* a maid ? ><
    well now "SIR" uncle James, as what have been mentioned by Andreas, do not trust your maid immediately. besides if evolutionary theory and social science holds true, jesse may take the maid as the surrogate mother.

  12. if your indon maid is from Java, then can communicate lar, but if she's from one of those far off islands, hehehe goodluck! ;)

  13. i will get one when er, this little zigot arrives.

  14. Two lil' rascals, and another one coming in Oct, a fulltime job but with a helpful hubby, and a plan to move to new apartment which only minutes from the office...I'm still holding on to no-maid policy. Dunno how long that can last...anyway, James good luck!

  15. Thanks Lucia. Hahahh....
    I'm sure we'll manage, Leo. We'll still be seeing him a lot.
    :lol: Well then Jesse's gonna get an opportunity to learn a new language.
    Ah, Hazel. Double trouble eh?
    Wow! Good luck to you Mama22Beas. If you manage, do let us know. BTW, how come I can't access your Homepage?

  16. My maid who was in charge of taking care of my brother robbed us, and left my baby brother at home all alone while we were at SCHOOL! He was about 1 then, and was crying because he was so hungry at the end of the day. For God's sake, hope you get a trustworthy one. If I see that maid again I'm likely to subject her to a painful and slow torture. >:O

  17. Hi James,
    Just want to know, how much did u pay for the maid?
    I'm contemplating of getting one. (actually hubby is. if it were up to me, i wouldn't want one eventhough i'm up to my eyeballs in housechores)