Sunday, April 10, 2005

My First Workout

On Friday, I went for my first workout at my new gym (see previous post). To start me off, they were relatively easy on me. For a gym full of competition bodybuilders, 35 minutes on the bike was probably a cinch. "I can do this," I thought.

I thought.

Five minutes in and my thighs were burning up. Shit. How was I gonna get through all 35 minutes of this? But the tenth minute, my throat was so parched I though I'd collapse of dehydration or something. Meanwhile, Wak Ali, the 50-year-old ex-Mr Asia was right behind me having a take-out lunch with his wife. On the other corner of the gym, one other guy was working out. I thought to myself, if I quit now, they're gonna notice. And as I contemplated my next course of action, the minutes went by.

"Keep going, you fat lump of shit!" Wak Ali yelled from across the room. Okay, so he didn't quite say that. Heh! Instead, he asked me to step it up a notch or two. And before I knew it, my 35 minutes were up. Hallelujah!!! It couldn't have been sooner because, apart from the incredible strain on my legs, the bike seat was murder on my ass! It was the longest 35 minutes of my life.

Then Wak Ali sat down to talk. I'd have to diet - for six months. And he gave me the run down:
Toast. Wholemeal only. No butter. But I can have Diabetic Jam (no added sugar) and I can have eggs. As many as I like as long as I take only one yolk.

White rice. No gravy. I can have curry fish if I like, but the only gravy I get is what's on the fish. *sigh* And a green apple. And if I should get hungry afterwards, see breakfast.

Rice - preferably Ponni Rice. And steam veggies.Same like breakfast except that I can also eat Chicken or Fish - roasted or steamed and minus ckicken skin.
But it's not all bad. I can have KFC, minus the skin. I can drink coffee as long as it's black. That means no sugar. Milo-O is okay too. So, it's really just common sense, I guess. But Wak Ali did specify no more Char Kuey Teow. *sniff* But I suppose it's all good. The logic is this; if I see some results, I'm less likely to quit. Boy, it's gonna be a long, long ride. Tomorrow is day 2. Wish me luck.

Note: Apparently, we need carboshydrates to burn fat. So I guess the Atkins diet isn't gonna work out!

Update: Turns out that I was mistaken about dinner. Lunch is the only time to eat carbs. That means no rice for dinner. Also, there'll be no more red meat for me for the next six month. *sigh* Oh, and in case you're wondering, today's workout was a little better. 45 minutes on the bike and it didn't feel too bad. I also did 10 minutes of Twisting and 5 minutes of Side Bends. Wak Ali promises those will hurt by tomorrow. *gulp*


  1. I think you're doing what my brother started doing about 3 months ago, onlyhe didn't get Wak Ali's personal recommendation. :) Basically he did the whole egg thing, switched from white to brown (bread, rice, etc) and he didn't take extra sugar. He also worked out regularly.
    Results are very noticeable, he went from 90 kg to a healthy 82-83 now. And the weight that goes off will stay off.
    Good luck in your quest! :)

  2. congratulations on your survival uncle james. 35mins on the cycling unit is not bad, but first of all what is the restraint level on it ? :P. I rarely go to the gym but if i do, that unit is my fave and i do about 2hrs+ on high restraint =p.
    anyway the diet which has been given to you seems ok, but i think eating food as normal *offers chicken rice* should be alright. to actually lose weight by eating certain types of product, i think is stupid and only works for a short period of time. since the body will start storing meat to fat once it loses the first set of fat.

  3. OMG! No more Char Kuey Teow?!
    Oh, the humanity!!!
    It's ok, James. I'll eat some in your memory... :lol:

  4. Wow James, congrats...and the diet does not look that bad to me, must get hubby to consider trying it. Looks easy for me to prepare too, and I can have all the yolks...hehe.
    About my homepage, started it in Feb but only finished my first piece on Saturday, finally got a lil' 'force' from you and a few other is working now, welcome!

  5. way to go james!!!!
    wid rgds to diet, just eat those fattening stuff (CKT, nasi lemak, roti canai) in moderation ie once a month or twice maybe...
    i've cut those out long time ago, will only get treats once or twice a month. i hvnt hv any roti canais for years... replaced wid thosai/chapati served wid dhall only :)

  6. wooo... work it james!! i volunteer to eat some CKT in your memory too ;)

  7. i just had myself two big mangkuk of ice cream yesterday. perhaps, being pregnant is the best reason for me not to stay slim =)) all the best to you! and yes, i looovee cycling. but only for 15mins lar.

  8. Hooray for James! :D Go James go, go James go. You can do it. Can't wait to see you all slimmer with muscle six month down the road. Hehehe...

  9. Add oil! Add oil! (cantonese)

  10. Whoa Saffron, the guy works out and you dare call him The Oaf? :lol:
    Ugh! Yah, they put me on high restraint too, Leo.
    Sure Sashi/CC, rub it in. :P
    How lucky of the hubby, Mama22Beas!
    BabeKL, isn't dhall the fattening one?
    Oh, ice cream! Hazel, Hazel!!! :-(
    Hopefully you'll be able to, Jotay! :lol:
    Same to you Gina. :)

  11. *make mental note to post lots and lots and lots of char koay teow photos on my blog for James. In case he missed CKT, he can look and fantasise. Munching brown bread and imagine it is CKT*

  12. Hey, come over to and join into the health and fitness fun.

  13. OMG! i just porked out yesterday on BKT... for lunch! yum yum ;)

  14. Ah Pink: Wah, my own cheerleader. :)
    Hahhaa, Lilian! I look forward to seeing your CKT blogs!
    Thanks Chris.
    Eat somemore, Belacans and maybe you'll have to join me at the gym soon!

  15. Maybe you would want to replace white rice with brown rice - more fiber and actual nutrients. But then again, you would have less energy for your work out - brown rice digests more slower than white rice.