Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Secret of a Happy Marriage

In matters of love and marriage, the world in divided into two distinct categories of people. Clean People and Dirty People. And never the twain shall meet, or there's gonna be trouble.

Clean People are tidy, orderly and possibly somewhat nerdy. Dirty People are the throw-caution-to-the-wind and devil-may-care, free spirits. And generally, Dirty People have more fun that Clean People. So when you throw the two together in a marriage, one of two things will happen. Either they divorce or Clean People eventually become dirty. :)

If you're a Clean Person, nothing can be more miserable than to live with a slob. They leave stuff all over the place, stink up the house and never bother to help out. On the other hand, a Dirty Person can go bonkers with all that incessant nagging and whining.

So if you're looking for a life partner that would actually stick around for the rest of your life, please consider a spouse that is either a neatness-freak like you or a slob, if that's what you are. Forget your childhood ideals or beauty, height, money, ambition, bla bla bla. If you want a happy marriage, then this it's just a choice between clean or dirty.

Sometimes I allow Jesse to eat anything he finds on the floor. If I had a Clean Wife, life would be hell. She'd scream at me and make my life miserable. But Dirty Mae just laughs heartily. "Hahahah, honey," she'd sometimes say, "Your son is eating a scrap paper he picked up from the trash can." And I'd reply, "Hhahahaha!" And upon seeing his parents in such a jolly mood, our child joins in the fun. "Hahahah," he'd go. And our household is filled with joy and laughter.

Of course our household is also filled with litter. But hey, we don't really mind.


  1. Aiyo, 2X Dirty Power > Dirty Slob & Dirty Minded. Whatever works for you two, as long as you're both happy.
    I am the clean freak type though :-)

  2. aiyoyo... he eats paper out of trashcans? Now I'm a Semi Clean person. thats okay right? ;)

  3. Dirty Power is recipe for success, Anjali! :lol:
    Semi-Clean? Isn't that kinda like a bisexual, CC? hahahAHHahah!

  4. *Sweat* when I saw how Mae and you reacted with baby Jesse eating something from the trash can. -___-"

  5. And dirty people save a LOT of time becos:
    1) They don't need to fold blankets and tidy the bed every morning
    2) They wear the same pyjamas until it really stinks like vinegar
    LOL, okokok, better stop this confession.

  6. You worry me. A lot. >.< I am a dirty, naughty woman living in a clean woman's body. So how? :P Husband's a slob :P but trying to be a Clean person. x_X CHAOS!

  7. I am a messy person, minus the smell. I think I could pass as a clean person?

  8. if only other sentient beings could see the simplicity of life. and not look at the pseudo-cleaniness that plagues it. uncle james, though you and mae may be dirty i believe that the cleaniness of the heart is what matters most.

  9. Heh. Your place looked clean the last time I was there. Did you hide all the rubbish away or sth? :P

  10. I think kids who are exposed to some amount of dirt grow up being more immune to allergies and things. You guys are funny =)

  11. dun worry james, u r not alone ok... once u became a parent... no matter how CLEAN u r, somehow yr perception or rather attitude will change :D
    btw kids need all the dirty stuff to build up their immunity, else how to survive in msia!

  12. dirty people are more fun.
    clean sikit sikit ok lah... but beyond that, terrible!

  13. Happy Dirty People Holding Hands
    (Sung to the tune "Shiny Happy People ~REM)
    Huzzah for Dirty People.. hi hi hi.. Well I am not a 100% dirty person, but I like some semblence of order.. A nice tidy place, but you know I like the chaos from time to time.
    Cannot stand "freaks"...
    Only time I tidy my room/house is when ppl are visiting (i.e. cell nite.. so I get to tidy my house once a week ha ha ha)

  14. What's the Malaysian equilevent of Child Services... feeding babies paper from trash cans? Haha :-)
    Well I'm a slob too. I guess I'll have to marry a slob too. I guess inter-species relationships don't work out, aye?

  15. It's okay, Jason. I grew up eating trash. Look at me now all big and strong. Hehheh!
    Vinegar-smelling pyjamas ah, Lilian? That's why we should sleep in the nude. :lol:
    :lol: Gwen. Is there even such a thing?
    Nolah, Gina. You smell. Hahhahah.
    No comments there, Leo. ;)
    You were just lucky, Kat. Sometimes we clean up for visitors.
    I agree Chasyss. Hehhe... however I think only dirty people will agree with you.
    You actually think so, Nurul? :lol:
    You sound like a changed woman, BabeKL! :)
    You're just saying that cos you're dirty too, eh Lucia?
    Wah, Paulos, got song ah? :)
    And hence the name Belacans?
    No Rajan, you're doomed to marry a slob. :lol:

  16. No comments there, Leo
    i believe your response during that time was ...AMEN

  17. james: *sigh* No one to clean up after me...

  18. I thot I can "clean" twinsdad, I ended up being "mess" by him, now I'm a slob too *boohoohoo*...

  19. hehehee icky but oh so charming - heheheh im a mess addict, as long as i know where my things are the place doesnt need to be cleaned hehehehe