Monday, April 25, 2005

First Swim

little dipper

Yesterday, we took Jesse out for his inaugural dip in the pool for his first swim ever. Technically, it isn't really his FIRST swim, but then back then he wasn't Jesse yet. If you know what I mean. Hehheh!

So there on a late Sunday morning, we brought him to the pool in our condo with his brand new Floaties... erm... float, and his new pair of swim trunks. The water was just about right, with the right temperature, correct pH and proper Chlorine level. *ahaks* But yes, it was a nice day for a swim. He had fun for about 15 minutes. But he also got tired of it pretty quick. I think Mae and I had more fun that he did. :)

Anyway, we had gone round looking for a swimsuit for the little guy but he's just too small. Finally, we ended up with a cheap pair of kiddy swimshorts that are probably 5 sizes too big. But it didn't look too weird since he wore it over his diapers anyway. That said, what is the proper dress etiquette for swimming children anyway? Should babies wear their diapers underneath their swimsuit? Or just the swimsuit? Or is it a generally accepted practice for babies to swim in the buff? I'm a little traditional when it comes to these things. Firstly, I'd like to protect my little boy's modesty whenever possible. Secondly, I think it's really in the best interest of the community that Jesse wears his diapers. No one wants to see a brown "vapour trail" coming out of a baby in a pool. Heh.

On the other hand, the diaper tends to get a little oversaturated in the pool. Though Jesse didn't complain much, I imagine it must be pretty icky. Tips, anyone?


  1. Jesse really loves the water doesn't he?? I remember the Taiping photo where he smiled so much in his little basin:)

  2. hi, i've been a silent reader all this while.. thought it's about time i made a comment ;)
    an alternative to wearing diapers in the pool that soak up water is Huggies disposable swimpants ..
    not sure if it's sold in Malaysia although i vaguely remember seeing them in Guardian.
    i could be wrong though.

  3. Make him go before go time ~.~ Or yeah, get made for swimming diaperpants. You could just be as evil and let him go into the pool you know? God knows how many evil parents have done that in the past. That's one of the many perks to having a little clone, you get to avenge yourself *angelic halo* ^^

  4. I think Sealers also has swimming diapers.

  5. I was going to recommend the 'Huggies Little Swimmers' but it looks like someone has already done that. What is that floaty called? Are there special floaties for infants?

  6. Awww...Jesse looks like he's enjoying himself!!
    My nephew uses some kinda swimming diaper. Its not disposable but instead its washable. Looks exactly like a swimming trunk but its a diaper. So, modesty protected and no brown trails coming out from his cute little ass..heheheh..

  7. james, do take jesse for a swim in the pool more often. let him get used to it. who knows, he might turn out to the next jeffrey ong when he grow up.
    (psst! i regret i can't swim! can only crawl. haha)

  8. Jesse the cutiepie looks like a pro in the water - i know babies who are scared of the water - yayyyyyy for Jesse :))))

  9. Awwww...the little guy looks like he's having fun! Wish I could take my Emily to the pool too but the hygiene of the public pool here is rather questionable and I am paronoid that I am letting Emily soak in other people's pees and whatnots. And worse, letting her take mouthfuls of other people's pees. Yikes! I bought her a wading pool though but she's much too young to play in it at the moment.

  10. Well, actually he's a little afraid in the pool, Jayelle. But he's a pretty cheerful kid, so he'd laugh at the slightest provocation.
    Thanks for coming out of your silence, Marianne. :) And thanks for the link. Great stuff. Will try and get some.
    :lol: I love the way you think, Gwen.
    Hmm, thanks Najwa. That's a brand we've never tried.
    Revlon, it's called Floaties! :) And yes, it's specially made for babies and toddlers. You can find them at Toys R Us.
    I think that must be one of those reusable plastic pants, Cherry. Thanks.
    What!!?!? You live in Penang and you can't swim, Lucia. What a waste!! :lol:
    Well, he was kinda apprehensive at first, Visithra. :)
    You're probably right Ariel. That was Jesse's last swim for the next few weeks. I read that the Coxsackie virus is around. So, better be safe than sorry.

  11. hey there...been a reader for quite some time :)
    your lil boy is so adorable..
    anyway, in one of your previous entries, you mentioned bout your gym thingy? well, i'm lookin for a nice, affordable place and i'm wondering if you could give me the contact details of the gym you go to? that is if you don't mind though..let me know...thanks!

  12. isnt Coxsackie attacks kids 4yrs old and above? hehe. I dont know much abt it lar. anyway, was planning to bring Amir to swimming pool too but the husband reluctant to do so until Amir knows how to walk. I hafta obey la coz I dont know how to swim. Hehe

  13. Jesse is so cute and obviously he loves the water by seeing the way he smile? Maybe he tires quickly cuz of his heavy bottom?? hehehe..

  14. Thanks for finally saying something, Jo. :) You can call the No Limit Gym at 7725 4649 or 012-277 8197.
    Only 4 yo and above, Hazel? Hmm... As for Amir, I suppose he won't mind waiting a few more months. You, on the other hand, should learn now!!! :lol:
    Ann, you may be right. I'd get tired too if I had to lug my heavy diaper around. :lol:

  15. mothercare has that washable swimming diaper BUT its pretty ex unless u plan to use it ever so often. like i said, its time to potty train jesse to poopoo in a potty :)

  16. I worry about Potty Training, BabeKL. :o(

  17. sorry .. MIA so long. but potty train when mae is truly ready. as u can read in above blog... i only managed to do it. ha ha.
    i'm wayyyyy behind these asian moms...but as long as i didn't have to chase the boy with the potty for several months....