Friday, April 1, 2005

Taiping Zoo

"are we there yet?"

Last Sunday: "Honey, how about we bring Jesse to the Zoo?" Mae lit up with excitement. "He could really enjoy the experience." But I knew it wasn't really true. Mae just loves it at the Taiping Zoo.

And you can't blame her, really. The zoo in Taiping in one of the highlights of this old town. With over 180 species of animals in a 34-acre plot, the Zoo is quite a sight to behold. With its open, no-cage concept, the place diplays the animals in their natural habitat separated only by moats and light fencing. Going there is practically like taking a walk in the Jungle. And there's always the thrill that some Lion might leap out of its enclosure and maul you to death. Or the excitement that the Elephants might stampede through their barriers and crush you into a pulp. Mmmm... nice!

Anyway there was no convincing Mae. When it came to the Taiping Zoo, Mae's animal instincts take over. And you can never stop the woman when she's decided to pay a visit to her relatives. Not even the impending rainfall would dampen her spirits. "We'll just take a quick one!" she insists. So, we go - Mae, Jesse, my Mom and Me!

Entrance was RM4 a pop. Mom gets in at half price on account of her senior-citizen status. And yes, it did drizzle a little. So we ended up taking a train ride. Which was unfortunate since the moving train did not allow for any nice photography. But all in all, it was a fun outing for us adults. Jesse, on the other hand, was probably just wondering what the fuss was all about. :)

Oh well, maybe next year.


  1. Hi James
    When did Taiping never drizzle? Hahaha, any blog on Taiping Lake? I got my first kiss there. :O)
    BTW, we went to the night zoo and the fume from the diesel engine of the truck we rode on is killing.

  2. it's been nearly 14 years since i went to a zoo ...heh maybe i should go to taiping zoo and get mauled.

  3. Whatever it is.. don't get conned by the night safari. You practically see nothing there.. go in the afternoon.. esp when it's hot. You will see animals copulating away, mistaken it for summer passion. Hahhha

  4. Haa. Which relatives of Mae's in the zoo? :lol:

  5. when we thot they might having fun in the zoo, it turns up the parents are more exciting: "see, elephant." "see, tiger." "see, monkey." but the one suppose-to-be-fun just blank face :lol:.

  6. eh how come jesse kinda looked worried there?? :p
    did he enjoyed himself?

  7. Wah, Lilian! First kiss ah? Better leave all Lake Garden posts to you then. :) Actually it rained too much for us to go to the lakes.
    :lol: Getting mauled is always interesting as long as it's not you, Leo. :)
    Feh Gina, you were probably too busy whining to notice anything. When we went there last time, it was great. We saw a lot of creatures doing their thing. :)
    Ah, Anjali, I could tell you but it would be the last thing I ever say. :lol:
    :lol: Exactly what happened to us, Twinsmom.
    No BabeKL, I don't think he did. He was probably just wondering what the fuss is all about!