Friday, April 22, 2005

Gratuitous Nude Scene

look ma, no pants!

I'm not sure if anyone anywhere else does this, but if you look into any Malaysian's photo album, especially the ones from the 50's and 60s, you're bound to find a nudie shot of a baby.

Nudie shots must have been all the rage back then. You'll see a professional studio shot with a baby lying on his belly wearing only his birthday suit. While I think naked little babies have a certain Anne Geddes-charm about them, I can't help but think how weird it must have been to have them taken back in the old days.

Think about it. What actually goes on for such a shot to happen? Do parents bring their kids to a studio, strip them down to their bare-bottom and then have the photographer do his thing? There's such a porno feeling about it - bringing someone to someplace, getting them naked and then taking pictures! Of course the alternative isn't any better. The kid leave the house naked. Hehh! Fortunately for us, cameras these days are affordable enough for you to do your own thing in the comfort of your home.

Jesse's a bit of a nudist at heart. Everytime we bring him out of a bath, he'll be doing his best to avoid getting dressed. Try and put a diaper on him and he'll toss around like little eel. And so we decided to get photographic proof of his little transgression.

Fortunately for him, Daddy is a bit of a prude. Which is why all his naughty bits are strategically covered. Mommy's shots were far more liberated. Thank God Daddy runs this blog. :)


  1. Nude shots can be used for blackmail in future. That's why la parents will have at least one of those kept safe. LOL

  2. btw James, that's Ray Romano on tv, right? heheh. couldn't help but notice it

  3. Heh. Think Jesse will thank you in the future for covering him up at strategic places. I'd hate to think that my parents posted nude pictures of me for everyone to see. Eurgh..

  4. Mine were all taken at home x_X thankfully ... my favorite is of me holding a mandarin orange in both hands, showing only my two front teeth ^^ I was a damn cute baby ahahah perasan >.>
    Show some of yours James! We wanna see your fruits ... er of your mother's labor. Yes, that's right.

  5. I think parents and photographers from the old genres are all pedophiles in hiding :-O

  6. ah...shame shame... wully wully...:lol:

  7. I had my nude pics taken when I was young. Even my brother and sis had theirs taken too. :)
    I still keep them but they're all at home in malaysia. :)

  8. thank you...always cheers me up coming to read your funny. :) God bless you & family!!!

  9. I had an aunty who exhibited her sons nude baby photos in their living room - everytime anyone walked past the photos - the sons would just vanish. Hehehhehe

  10. i had mine too when i was a baby...thinks everyone born before the millineum has them somewhere...whahahahaha

  11. norzu ..... yeah you're right it is Ray Romano. on a JVC 21" (maybe more) flat screen tv. at the same time i see 4-5 dvd book files and vcd covers and probably and an Aiwa speakers. About 5-7 dvd in its original boxset. Upon looking at the tv screen and the position of where Ray's nose is pointing and his closed mouth, im thinking he's thinking this .."What a butt-tiful ass"
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  12. I don't have naked pics of myself when I was little.. but my cousin sister has a few. Heheh.

  13. methinks baby love to go naked. thankfully (hopefully?) this doesn't grow on them. :)

  14. Blackmail! Exactly, Norzu. And yes, you have sharp eyes.
    :lol: Kat. Hmm... maybe I will go ask your parents for your nudie pix and we'll see what happens.
    Sorry Gwen. I was an ugly kid so no one wanted to take my photos. :lol:
    You're probably right, Anjali! Hehh!
    Hahhahahah, you got me laughing out loud, Twinsmom.
    Ehhehh, I think that's about right, Pickyin. Or he could grow up to be some kind of exhibitionist and volunteer the pictures himself.
    It must have been a studio shot, Eileen. Yes?
    Thank you for dropping by, Jane. God bless.
    Oh you have a terrible terrible aunty, Visithra!
    Except me, 9. :o(
    Very good Leo. But the TV's slightly bigger tho'.
    Post them up on your blog Gina. And then send them the URL. Hahhahahha!!!
    Amen, Lucia. :lol:

  15. "Of course the alternative isn't any better. The kid leave the house naked."
    You are too funny James. Jesse's gonna be so geram when he grows up to know his papa posted his near naked pics on the internet. Hahaha.

  16. Nothing beats this. Putting a nude baby picture in a blog for the whole wide world to see. Gone are the days where parents display their kids' nude pic at the living room?

  17. Wahahhaha. That's the price to pay for being my kid, Mumsgather.
    If you'd like, I can display your nudie kiddie picture on my blog, Ann. :lol: