Monday, April 4, 2005

Heh-Chien vs Ho-Chien

oyster schmoyster

One of the most popular places to eat in Taiping is surely the Taiping Casual Market, a hawker center located at the bottom of the Larut Matang departmental store along Jalan Panggong Wayang. With a heckuva lot of stalls operating, halal on one end and non-halal on the other, you can always find something interesting to eat.

Twenty years of living in Taiping and I only stumbled on Heh-Chien only after I leave town. *sigh*

Heh-Chien is not unlike Ho-Chien. While the latter is an oyster and starch flour omellete, Heh-Chien is shrimp-based. Take 20 or so fresh shrimps in a light starch-flour batter, stir-fry it with fresh chives (kuchai) and break in a couple of eggs and you'll have a winning formula. It's elementary! And delicious to boot. I'm just surprised that not more Ho-Chien stalls are doing this.

Some of you purists might scowl at the thought of shrimps instead of oysters but the fact is not too many people can stomach the strong fishy smell of oyster. And so shrimps are the natural choice. Shrimps are delicious. They're sweet and springy and you never run the risk of biting into something nasty.
Stall No.77 does really well here. Their end result is an omelette that is crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside - a welcome assault on the tastebuds. This dish also comes with a garlic-chilli-vinegar sauce that complements the Heh-Chien perfectly.

Of course, all said, I really can't say if this is the best Heh-Chien ever simply because I haven't sampled this dish anywhere else. So if anyone knows anywhere else selling the stuff, point the way and I'm there. Meanwhile, I'll continue to savour this one in Taiping.

Ahhhh... I should never have left Taiping. Coming up, more reasons to stay put in Taiping. Stay tuned.


  1. That's it! I am going to make myself a plate of hair-chien tomolo at the break of dawn. It so happens, I just bought kuchye and I have all the other ingredients but kena substitute prawns with fake prawns. Must make mental note to go to Taiping soon.

  2. hmmm....this's the 1st time i heard of this heh chien. too bad i don't eat prawns. btw, did you go to old rex for some lok lok, rojak and iced blended red bean ?

  3. wah.... *saliva dripping liao*...

  4. sounds so yummy... but me off delicious food for the next few days arrghhh my stomach is not well la sighhh...

  5. Good thinking, Lilian. Do post up the results. :) And before you go to Taiping, wait till I post up more of Taiping goodies. :)
    Pity you don't take prawns, Beauty. And yes, I've been to the old Rex. Quite some goodies there but I've never heard of any good rojak there. :)
    Take the family for a roadtrip, Belacans. Taiping's got quite some things to see. And if they get bored anyways, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is just a stone's throw away.
    BabeKL: Aiyahh....!!!

  6. My first time hearing bout this too. Just hearing bout this heh-chien wants to me go to Taiping now. By the way, your sentence "Heh-Chien is not unlike Ho-Chien" doesn't sound if you are trying to say they are different. Think it should be "Heh-Chien is not like Ho-Chien" or "Heh-Chien is unlike Ho-Chien".

  7. Hhmph. Shrimps, seafood = cholesterol laden. Lucky thing you are now in KL.

  8. Hor-cjien...My fav. the bigger oyster the better *yummy*.

  9. :lol: Actually, I was trying to say they were pretty much the same thing, Jotay! But thanks anyway.
    Top bad you frown on Taiping, huh, Ah Pink? Hehhehh....
    I'm sure Shrimps got less cholesterol than Oysters, right Gina?
    Eww... Sorry Twinsmom, I only like my Oysters raw, with lots of lemon juice and Tabasco! Somemore, that one eat already... erm... very KUAT! Hehheh!

  10. interesting! never heard of heh chien. but I think I'll still prefer ho chien

  11. wow a new stall huh! i'm from taiping and haven't come across the stall when i'm back in town. gonna give it a try when back ;) thanks for alerting heehhe