Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Back In

Lately, Jesse's developed this annoying little habit. Sometimes when he's pissed off or frustrated or even when he's sleepy, he likes to rub his face violently against anyone who's carrying him. Violently!

It's like his nose is possessed by some kind of demon and he's trying to rip the evil right off his face. He's practically grinding his little face away burying himself, on our shoulders, chest, at our neck, depending how we're carrying him. And he can go on and on until he runs out of oxygen and has to come up for air.

Sometimes when he's down on the floor, he'd climb up onto one of us and rub his face into our thigh or our crotch, whichever is more accessible. Those times, he'd usually come out sooner for air. Hahhahah! I'm kidding, of course. My wife and I have sweet smelling crotches.

One day, while lying with Mae on the sofa, he gets up to his nonsense again. And he's grinding violently against Mae's groin.

"Jesse-boy, what are you doing?" Mommy cooed to her little boy. Then, in typical Mae-fashion, she added, "Trying to get back in?"

Hahhahahha! With parents like us, it's hardly surprising if he was.


  1. LOL.. oh dear.. that was hilarious..hahaha..poor Jesse..:) but so cute!

  2. LMAO with Mae's response. Mae is one funny girl!

  3. Just imagine what it'll be like during his first date.

  4. "My wife and I have sweet smelling crotches."
    i had coffee all over my shirt! :P

  5. "Trying to get back in?"
    hahahahaha .... *cough* when he grows up ..and gets married... his wife WILL love him for his talent

  6. Izzit the classic case of "Like father, like son" or "Bapa borek, anak rintek" ??? Aiyo. My sympathy to Mummy Mae. Got 2 big baby perverts to take care of :lol:

  7. He didnt grind on me when I carried him last week. New habit? But he always have a way of positioning. Damn menyampah one. Hhahahaha.

  8. That one made me laugh.
    Also, maybe you can start a new fragrance line "Sweet Crotch for Him" and "Sweet Crotch for Her"

  9. LOL... u r lucky dat:
    1. jesse has yet to start biting yr shoulders!
    2. instead of rubbing, he jumps into ppl tummy or worst daddy's groin!! kekeke
    time will come :D

  10. Are you sure Jesse didn't pick up what he saw daddy doing? :P

  11. oh lordy, sweet crotches??? hahahaaaaaa...

  12. i cant stop laughing reading ah pink comment =))
    check his nose la, mana tau ada resdung or something like that.

  13. Know this is out of topic, but i went for the frog porridge yesterday night. Yum :-)

  14. Mae sure is funny! maybe you should give her a guest blogger column? ;) She'd give you a run for your money!

  15. Hahaha... this definitely made my day.

  16. Jayelle: Poor Jesse? Poor parents!
    Yeah Jason, she's our very own Home Entertainment Unit.
    :lol: Sashi. Looks like we may have to lock him up until marriageable age.
    Grace, coffee isn't gonna give you a sweet smelling crotch, you know. :lol:
    Not if he's using his nose, Leo. Hahha..
    :lol: Anjali, what makes you think Mae doesn't enjoy the attention?
    Gina, maybe he only reserves his grinding for family. :)
    Sure Blake. This reply is scratch 'n sniff. Try it. :lol:
    He kicks me in the groin all the time, BabeKL!
    :lol: AhPink. I dunno. We always make sure he's asleep first. Bwahahaahha!
    CC, read 'em and weep!
    Hahhah, you're right Hazel. He's probably just cleaning out his nose.
    Anjali, you clever, clever girl. :) Glad it was good for you.
    ...and let her steal my thunder. No way, Janus. :)
    Glad you enjoyed that, Jotay. :)

  17. Seriously, it sounds like your son has an allergy. Is there a furry animal in the house?

  18. Nah Jimmeh, the furriest thing in the house is Mommy! :lol: But seriously, we sent him for a check up and he was given a clean bill of health. We suspect he's either venting his frustration or cleaning out his nose!!! :lol:

  19. I read this some time ago.. but dunno why I didn't post a comment. But definitely HILARIOUS!
    Keep up the good work James. I would sure like to see how Jesse turns out. This young man will surely be a riot with the gals.