Monday, April 18, 2005

Oliver! Oliver!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a free ticket for the stage production of The Sound of Music. Since Mae was a big fan of the show (she knows the complete lyric of "These Are a Few of My Favourite Things") I coughed up a couple of hundred for a ticket for her as well. Jesse, who's appreciation of art goes only as far as his mother's sopranic rendition of "To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig", was unceremoniously dumped at his Grammy's.

The show was lovely, the songs memorable and the sets astounding. And this being only my second of such an experience (I'm usually more of a celluloid kinda guy), I decided I had much to catch up. And besides, Mae's silly-schoolgirl-afterglow with such an event is something I'd pay good money to see. And as fate would have it, Oliver! will be playing sometime in the near future in Genting Highlands.

Now Oliver! is completely alien to me. I never even saw the 1968 classic, but that was due largely to the fact that I was still swimming around in my father's loins when the movie was released. And while I have the DVD sitting in my home, these days it's a case of too many movies, too little time. But not Mae. Mae has seen Oliver! 2,318 times and she had loved every single viewing. Mae's family must be the biggest collection of Oliver! fans in one place. Everyone in the family loved Oliver! So much so that the Oliver! Home Video would be a permanent fixture in all their annual family retreats to Port Dickson.

It was strange to me that anyone would watch Oliver! during their vacation. It was even stranger that they'd do it every vacation. Never mind that Indiana Jones was kicking ass. Never mind that Star Wars was the groundbreaking sci-fi movie. Never mind that ET was the most endearing family movie of all times. This family only wanted Oliver! It was strange. It was equally strange that they went to Port Dickson all the time. Heh! But the Khoos were such a family.

And because I love my wife (*ahem*), I will allow myself to be sucked into her world of nerdiness. So yes, I've been thinking about catching Oliver! in Genting Highlands, but only we can bring Jesse. I understand that it's open to adults and kids alike. If they can accept our temperamental little 7-month-old, then it's all systems go. :)

We'll see what happens. And oh, isn't it a shame that it's not in Port Dickson instead? Heh!


  1. like mae, i also love the sound of music. long long ago when i was very young, i was crazy over it - had a scrapbook for all pictures and all lyrics and learned by heart almost all the songs!
    oliver is not too bad either but next to the sound of music, what i like is my fair lady. oliver i like more so of the cute oliver played by mark lester.
    it's good that the show oliver allows kids (unlike the sound of music), which means you can take jesse for his first musical live show. :)

  2. i've watched sound of music countless time but oliver maybe about thrice :p
    james, u r very sweet... if wait for my low kung to bring me... the cow oso come home liau!!!

  3. it's a good musical should watch it as much as mae watches it.

  4. I like My Fair Lady too, Lucia.
    Low Kung must threaten wan, BabeKL. Mae does it all the time. :lol:
    I'll take your word for it, Leo. And if it sucks, I'll claim the ticket money back from you. :lol:

  5. if you're not into musicals'll still love it ... i'll bet my soul.

  6. I love Oliver as much as Sound of Music. And hehe! and yes, I know the complete lyrics to most of the songs in both productions. My regular gang on the other hand, isnt a big fan. it will take a lot of hard work to convince them to go as far as Genting for this one. Wish me luck!

  7. Wah, looks like we have 2 Oliver fans here. :) Good luck there Intan.

  8. I think it came down to Malaysia some donkey years ago...
    ...I remember catching it when I was either in kindy or primary school-lar... :D
    But unfortunately, I've never been too big of an "Oliver" fan - I think the only song from the musical that I can still remember is... well... nevermind... ;)

  9. :lol: Maggie. But Mae's been singing a lot of Oliver in the last couple of weeks. So far so good. :)