Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another Shitty Story

Babies cry whenever they wet themselves or when they've soiled their diapers. It's a normal behaviour for babies. Unfortunately for us, Jesse is anything but normal.

For some reason, these days, whenever he's taken a poop, he's the best behaved baby in the whole world. He'd be good-natured, quiet and he'd be smiling from ear to ear at the slightest thing. Save for the smell of shit, he'd be all adorable and cute. We can't quite figure it out. Maybe the feeling of a nice steaming pile of turn on your ass is more comforting than we give it credit for. Heh!

So here's the dilemma: The kid is the best little baby in the world, but he's got poop on his ass. Do we leave the poop there and continue to enjoy our wonderful baby? Or do we behave like responsible parents, clean him up and take our chances with his ensuing behaviour? Despite the temptation, we change him. And that's when all hell breaks loose.

He'll scream at the top of his lungs at the most grating decible. He'll thresh about, trying to turn onto his belly. He'll kick like a wild stallion. And in this state, he's impossible to pacify. And as if that didn't sucked enough, we'd have to contend with flying shit. *sigh* It pisses me off no end! And since this has got to do with his bowel movements, it's pretty much a daily affair. Things were much simpler in the early days.

Some days I have this fantasy where I grab a pile of his doody and smear it all over his face. "Eat this, boy!" That ought to shut him up good. Hahhahah....

Shit. I think I need therapy.


  1. Hahahah! Why baby Jesse is so adorable (weird) one? I bet he just love the smooth feeling of his butt. Maybe the cloth or diaper is abit rough, so the shit smoothens and minimize the "geseran" between the butt and the clothe. :P That is why baby Jesse doesn't make nosie. LOL... Baby Jesse, you sure is one super special baby~ :P

  2. Hahahaha, James, I think you need char koay teow.
    Abuden hor, some kids hate being bare bottom like my toddler. It will scare the shit out of him in the early months. Like no security like that. So what I do is to cover him with a cloth diaper while trying to clean him as fast as I can under the diaper. Modesty issue, I think.

  3. Please don't throw poop on poor Jesse's face lah. I think he cries because it is chilly. Just imagine your bum stark naked and you can feel the wind blowing. Hehe...
    My nephew is like that too. So, what my sister does is switch off the fan and close the windows in the room and then give him his favourite toy to play with or sing him a song :)

  4. lol cherry, your nephew so cute!!:) or rather ur sister is cute..!
    and james.. please don't make jesse eat shit.. berdosa tau! hahaha;D

  5. never mind, james, definition of fantasy is something you wish to happen but know it would not happen... so fantasise all the more. ;)

  6. yr boy likes to sit on poop! LOL

  7. I think Jesse's the one who needs therapy, James. Heh. Hang in there, Big Daddy. LOL

  8. Well, well James...my Bea1 also does not mind having poo in her diaper. She rather continue playing than going thru the 'hassle' of being cleaned. She knows exactly what the potty means, has been sitting on it but is never interested to really use it. She is 39 mo and not yet potty-trained. Luckily Bea2 is totally the opposite, I may have my second daughter diaperless faster than her sister!

  9. it's time to call for potty training :p

  10. Hehe..maybe he doesn't like to cold wet wipes that you use to wipe his bottom. Maybe you can try washing his bottom with warm water instead?
    babe_kl is right. You may start potty training (for poo). As soon as you see that he's trying to poo, grab the potty and sit him on it. Easier to clean too. I am going to start doing this with Emily soon :)

  11. Jason, he's a weird kid. Fullstop. :)
    Lilian, I need CKT really bad. :) And no lah, it's not modesty. He actually likes to stay naked.
    Cherry, the toy only works some of the time. Other times he'll just toss it out and resume his rascally behaviour. *sigh*
    Hahhah, Jayelle, I promise... as long as he doesn't keep asking to kena from me.
    :lol: I can only hope you're right Lucia!
    No doubt about that Oli!
    Hahha, Norzu. Shit smeared on face is also some kind of therapy. Ask your local beautician. :lol:
    One out of 2 ain't bad, Mama22Beas.
    I'm not looking forward to the potty training one bit, BabeKL!
    Nothing works, Ariel. Warm water, cold water... *sigh* And he'd thresh when he's sitting on the potty too!

  12. Since both of you are dirty parents, you have a dirty kid. So, let the shit be and go about doing your stuffs till you are ready for his melodramatic cries (I know - he got this from Mae), then only you change his diapers.

  13. be patient wid potty training. i was kinda glad dat my mom who is babysitting my boiboi started placing him in a potty when he was just 1.5 months old!!! i was like "hello, he can't even sit".
    so it seems u just need to prop them against yr body lor and after his morning feed, place him on the potty and start the ngnn ngnnn routine hahaha. hey it worked ok... he will poop in there every morning.
    it's time! nyek nyek nyek...