Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Momma's Boy

Today is my mother's birthday. Which is great since she just so happened to be in town. That means she gets to celebrate it with her family, her kids and her grandson. Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

On the other hand, I think I tend to gush and fuss over my mother a little too much. And that gets a little creepy. Think Anthony Perkins in Psycho. Or that Michael Myers fella in Halloween. Or the entire male population of Singapore. Hahahhah! Okay, that last one was a cheap shot, but a Singaporean chick once told me that the guys down south have this fixation on their mommies.

Anyway, I've always been some kind of Momma's Boy.

And for some reason, Jesse too is turning out to be a Momma's Boy. It's infuriating sometimes how he only wants Mae to carry him. And at nights when we put him to bed, Mae and I usually play with him on our bed. We'd play Hide 'n Seek and the boy will look for us as we hide behind pillows. There was time when he'd declare Game Over when he found Mae, leaving poor Daddy to remain hidden in the sheets, unwanted and alone. *sniff*

Despite being a Momma's Boy myself, it doesn't change the fact that Momma's Boy Jesse gets on my nerves. Which leads me to believe that nobody likes a Momma's Boy. Except his Momma, of course.

Mae had better make me a Daddy's Girl soon.


  1. Heh, I think the Singapore stereotype stems from the fact a lot of Singaporean families are small ones, with one or two children. Higher chances of manja-ness.

  2. Looking at how Mae is, I guess it's safe to say your son has develop a preference for pretty women too! :p
    Hahah, just can't wait till your son gets your quirky sense of humor :D Boy, it'll be a really fun house, don't you think?
    p/s: Better be careful when your son grows up, you might have to keep the hordes of cute gals away from your doorstep! :p

  3. How come you and Papi and another blogger blog about the same thing today? Trust me, no Daddy's gal...all belong to Momma.

  4. Right, no one likes a momma's boy. But then...Mae doesn't complain?

  5. hey, so james is wishing for a 2nd child soon? a daughter? so he can manja his daddy's girl?

  6. Awwwww ... so damn cute >< and poor James, I think my husband is scared of the baby disliking him too! ha ha ha Mummy is providing all of the baby's comforts, think of her as a "gas station" for everything lol Maybe later when he's older he'll look to you for other type of comforts. Then, it's time to whip out the Penthouse magazines!! WOO HOO

  7. phew am glad my boiboi is a daddy's boi else every 5 mins he will be calling for me... woohooo...
    btw, i'm a daddy's gurl :)

  8. Awww another jeles dad - this one confesses :ppp

  9. yes, yes. may you be blessed with a "Jasmine". i have two! woohoo! manja betul ;)

  10. good on u. i know many men who don't want to fuss and dote on their moms... a particular who shares the same dna as me!
    so..pamper as much as u can. u only got one mom.

  11. Hah Rajan, that was almost scientific!! :)
    There can never be enuff "aiyoo"s, Ryuu.
    Leokoo, maybe the cutegals are flocking to see Jesse's Daddy leh? :lol:
    Because, Michelle, Daddies want love too. :)
    Nobody ever complains about getting too much love mah, Lilian. :) But yeah, sometime the kid gets a little too sticky for her too.
    Mae will kill me if I even try so soon after Jesse, Lucia! Hehehh!
    That must be a daddy's trump card, eh, Gwen?
    Being a Daddy's Gurl has it's advantage eh, Babe? Daddy can bash up Hubby if he misbehaves. :lol:
    There are other jeles dads, Visithra?
    Waitaminnit, Belacan... how did you know I like the name Jasmine? :)
    Hahahh, MOO+1! May the Dote be with you.