Monday, July 26, 2004

Eggs Benedict

egging to be eaten

Fuuh! What a weekend we had.

Cyberview Lodge was everything it promised to be. The room was comfortable. The place was beautiful. The spa was luxuriant. And all we did was bask in the wonders of it all. Just the kind of holiday for Mae and me. We just goofed off all day lazing around, almost festering in our wood-panelled room on our four-poster bed. Aaahhhh... I'd recommend it highly - for loafers, of course!

I'd also recommend the buffet breakfast here. It came complimentary with the room, of course. And it served pretty much the standard fare just like most good places in Malaysia. But it did have a little extra - Eggs Benedict.

Not a lot of establishments do this, at least not at a buffet anyway. For one, Eggs Benedict is quite a feat to make. Poaching the egg is always a pain. And halving the English muffin by hand is just as bad, if not worse. Also, the things takes a while to make. Nobody wants to see a line build up at the eggs counter! But here at Cyberview Lodge, we have Eggs Benedict. Yes, believe it!

It was a nice change from Omelette, Scrambled-Eggs, or Sunny Side Up's!

We had it for the two mornings we were there. Okay, I'm really just recommending the buffet breakfast here because the serve Eggs Benedict. Otherwise, it's just another breakfast. Hehhheh.

Anyway, having seen the chef in action, I think I can do this myself. Looks like pretty soon, James and Mae will be having Eggs Benedict for breakfast a lot!


  1. Yummy! I've had eggs benedict once in Chinoz KLCC and it was really lovely. Thought of having that on the menu for our monthly breakfast meeting but the place will be renovated soon. :(
    Glad that you guys had a wonderful time though.

  2. Have to watch your cholesterol though. A cardiologist once told me, eggs are only for growing up children and preggers. So, you are neither. Mae can have it though. And Baby Jesse.

  3. I lovvveee a good Eggs Benedict.I had the pleasure of stuffing myself with such when I was in the UK.I'd do that again and again,but maybe go to Cyberview Lodge...hehehe

  4. that looks sooo good. never had eggs nebedict before. :) and i have been wanting to go for a breakfast buffet quite a while now. the eggs, the toast, the muffins, the bacon, the sausages, the nasi lemak. both of you enjoyed aye? thats nice :D

  5. Mmmm...I miss a good eggs benny. There's a restaurant in Halifax where everyone goes when they're hung over to have it (gluttons for punishment, those people, but fried eggs and greasy bacon seems to be the weapon of choice after a good drunk). I think I'll have to drop by this Cyberview Lodge!

  6. Oooh, Cyberview Lodge is just a walk away from Cyberia where I stay. But eggs benedict? Sounds like it's some holy egg thingy :p
    Heh, but then, Cyberview Lodge has one of the best sceneries around :) Hope you din haf to extract yourself from there. hehe

  7. benedict (1st time i hear abt this), sunny side up, half boiled, hard boiled, scrambled... i'll take it anyway :P except for raw... hehehe.

  8. Now I know what I've been missing in my life. I've never tried this egg concoction before. Humph. :o(

  9. I stayed in Cyberview Lodge before.. and enjoyed the treatments in Sembunyi Spa as well... Beautiful place... Scenery too..
    I wanted to make that my weekend getaway UNTIL I visited Shangri-La Putrajaya. THAT is what I call a weekend getaway.
    Try Shangri-La Putrajaya. It's much smaller, you don't drive around to your "cottage" and it's got a floor to ceiling window and the infinity pool is gorgeous. (So was the Room Service ;))
    Have fun. Ta.

  10. Wow, looks yummy! Yet another delectable item to add to my growing list of food to try :P

  11. Argh! So no Eggs Benedict for awhile then, Norzu?
    If Baby Jesse is anything like daddy, then he'll be eating lotsa eggs, Gina. :)
    Or you could try making it at home, Dee. :)
    Yeah Natasha. And we also had lots of Nasi Lemak. That's the beauty of a buffet breakie in Malaysia. Best of both worlds!
    Man, the food in Canada must be great, Jordan! :lol:
    Eggs of the Benedictine monks eh, Leokoo? :lol:
    Then you must try it, Olivia. Or you would have never really eaten eggs before. Hehheh!
    You must Fly. It's such a simple meal, yet so incredibly delicious!
    Hmmm... Shangri-La Putrajaya, eh. Looks like I know where to go for our next Baby! :lol:
    You should blog this list, Ariel. Then I'll see how I can help.

  12. Okay..I know where I'll be heading next! Another reason why I think I'll love it there (apart from the spa): they have internet connection!
    Hahaha...yes, I'm pathetic that way, I am...