Thursday, July 8, 2004


doc ock's webshooter?

What in the world is Doc Octopus doing with a webshooter? He's got the bloody cybernetic arms, for crying out loud! Not web. What's the world coming to? Yes, you read right. Doc Ock webshooters! This is the travesty that greeted me when I popped open my box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. The box was promising enough. "FREE INSIDE," it read. "Web Shooter," it read.

We were at Tesco. I was so ecstatic I couldn't contain myself. Finally, my childhood dreams of owning Spidey's webshooter would be realised. "It's for Baby," I told Mae. "Every kid should have a Spiderman webshooter."

Mae doesn't buy it. Doesn't matter. It's gonna be okay.

"Baby will love this," I declared loudly at the cashier, making sure everyone would hear. Maybe then they won't think I'm a freak. Or worse, a pedophile. I rubbed my hands in glee as we made our way out of the place with our spoils. I was finally gonna have my very own webshooter. But a Doc Ock webshooter? After all that effort? Damn Kellogg's cheated me!!! They took my childhood dream and crushed it like a... erm... spider under their feet. There is no justice in this world.

Mae said I could buy another box. But I don't think I can live with the disappointment should I get yet another Doc Ock webshooter. *sigh* KFC's got a neat webshooter with their kiddie's meal. But that would be too embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Baby's got a new toy waiting for him when he gets out.


  1. LOL ... now that my friend is called pre-planning the toys for baby to play with even when you do not know what baby would like to play with :)

  2. aw... that's so sweet of you, James!!
    Baby is sooooo lucky to have a daddy like you!

  3. Just go into KFC and go "Am sure the kids at home will like this!" or "What shuold i get for little Jonah.. and should i get Sarah this spiderman thingy"
    hehe :)
    or better yet, just be proud and go "This! IS FOR ME! " and walk out KFC a proud yet humble man.

  4. muahahaha...get Baby a Spidey costume..hehe

  5. That's what happens when you go for freebies. Get the real thing - my friend's kid got a spidey webshoot for his b-day that actually shoots web (some sticky stringy stuff), water and darts too. I was helping him assemble it and man! I almost ran or er... swung off with it.

  6. Get a spider.
    Douse it in some radioactive stuff.
    Let it bite you.
    Presto chango! You're Spider-Man. No need for fake webshooters!
    *Results may not be as stated in real life. Side effects may include unbelievable amount of pain.

  7. Actually, Leo, kids don't really want toys. They want straws, ladles, plastic cup and all other stuff we adults use in our daily life. :lol:
    Nah Eileen, when he grwos up he'll realise that daddy's been fighting with him for his toys! :lol:
    I don't know, Natasha... :)
    It's gonna have to be spiderman diapers first, Glinar!
    Shoots web, fly? Whoa!!! I have to have it!
    Hehhehh. I used to wish that as a kid, Sashi, with those fighting spiders we used to catch!

  8. that last line make me wanna cry...
    i never had a webshooter! not fair!
    james, buy me one!

  9. Wait till he's at the age when you're fighting to play on the PS2. That's what I'm expecting with my kids and their father in the future.

  10. After I get my own, kev! :)
    :lol: Lucky for Baby, I'm not a PS freak, Jasmine.