Wednesday, July 7, 2004

End Of The World

Thursdays is Guy's Night Out. Some people call it Animal's Night Out, and for good reasons. It's the day of the week that I leave Mae at home to embark on a night of drunkenness and debauchery with the boys. Muahhahhahah!!!

Okay. It's a lot less sordid than I make it sound. In fact, it's pretty sanitised. Just a dinner, usually a large one, and drinks after. Of course, admittedly, Thursdays also come with a generous amount of testosterone-laden fantasies of picking up chicks, or having chicks pick us up. But it never happens. We are, after all faithfully married. *ahem* Besides, we're just too chicken to pick up chicks - and this is even before we got married. On top of that, I suspect we're not exactly pick-up material. Heh!

Last Thursday, I was feeling kind of lazy and I almost cancelled. Then my buddy Cokehead set me straight, "You better savour the moment. This will be the last few weeks you join us for a very long time!"

As that piece of info hit slowly home, strains of REM play in my head. "It's the end of the world as we know it..."

For the next half year, Thursday nights, like every other night will be unconditionally dedicated to Baby. All the action I'm gonna get will be confined to feeding, burping and cleaning shit. Mae's gonna kill me if I even consider going out. And if I even dare to sneak out, heck, who knows what kind of propaganda she'll be feeding Baby. Hmph. Looks like I'm gonna be homebound for awhile.

It's the end of the world as I know it. And yet, as one world ends, a great new one begins.

I can't wait.


  1. i'm not good father material, but i'll love to have kids of my own and you make me feel like having a small cute tiny baby right now

  2. Yup, live it up while you can, dude. Wow, 50 days left! Feel the excitement in the air! 8)

  3. All the best!
    But I guess it can't be that bad? :p

  4. You've got friends with names like 'Cokehead'? Yes, I think your wife would kill you. Haha...just kidding, I'm sure Cokehead's a nice guy.

  5. Listen wisely ..... once baby comes in...there will be no more "guys night out" so lived it loud, and with just 50 days left before a new life comes out to breathe this air...i will make a small toast and celebration on my page ^_^
    till than
    "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" -Closing Time : Semisonic-

  6. listen to them man, it is sooner than u thnk. After that it will be "Honey, the baby's crying. Can u attend to him, I'm tired, honey."

  7. Yeah James. You can try baby sitting Sasha for 3 hours. You will regret it.

  8. Animal night out? *scratches head in amusement* :P
    Anyhows, thanks for another round of great blogging :)

  9. Hahhahhaa!! Well, don't go making one on an impulse, killuminati!
    Yeah Sashi, it won't be long now. :)
    It's all good, roy!
    Actually, Cokehead is an ass, Jordan. HAhahhah!! But the only reason I call him that is cos his idea of a strong drink is Coke. :)
    Wah, a celebration! Thanks Leo!
    :lol: Ah Papi, a man of experience. :)
    I have more patience than you lah Gina!
    Chickens are animals too, Leokoo! :)

  10. Hey,my brother is now in the late night,sleepless and burping,feeding baby mode.His son's name is James....hehehe...

  11. Well, I once heard that with a baby 95% of your life is dedicated to taking care of him/ her. Think that - 95% - this means you think about your baby, talk about your baby, love your baby more than anything, sleep (well, no sleep, if you are a good daddy). No time for parties, movies, late night outs. All you will have is 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. But let me tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than a kid smiling at you, looking at you, playing with you, hugging you, trying to emulate you, throwing things at you with fun. Really. the moment I hold my child the first time in my arms was the best in my whole life. So precious, loving, "something" t take care of the rest of your life. Enjoy it!!!

  12. And excellent name for a baby, I must say Dee. ;)
    Enjoy. I know I will Andreas. :)