Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Baby Dreams

I've been dreaming about Baby lately. I've been having so many dreams about Baby, it's weird. Mae's been having dreams of Baby too. Must be all that anticipation. :)

Last night I dreamt of the little guy again. He had these huge, round, beautiful brown eyes. I cradled him in my right arm, my forearm supporting his body and his head resting on my upper arm. I was feeding him. I popped the bottle in his mouth and he drank happily staring back at me playfully, his eyes almost smiling at me.

But somehow, the feeding seemed to go on and on. I was thinking to myself, "Oh boy, this is taking really long!" As my mind drifted away (as we sanguine-types are wont to do), I began looking around for anything interesting. Then Baby began making these gurgling noises. As I looked upon his face I realised that I had let go of the bottle and it had slipped off and had fallen onto the floor.

That's when I thought to myself, "Dammit, I should have held him in a football hold." It was one of those cradling methods we learnt in those Pre-Natal classes.

I then picked up the bottle from the floor. After looking around to make sure no one was watching, I popped the bottle back into Baby's mouth. I popped the dirty, germ-infested bottle back into Baby's mouth! Hahhahah!!! Oh boy!

That was so funny. It's even more funny since it seems like something I'm liable to do. Hahhahha!

Poor kid. I hope I don't actually do that.


  1. *giggles* That is such a cute dream. You're just about the only person I know who dreams about his newborn babe before the birth. HOW SWEET! *melts* when is my turn to get a fawning hubby? ;_;

  2. my daddy dropped me off the bed once. he turned away from me for 20 seconds and i went *dop* on the floor. my momma went after him. kehkehkeh .. and wasn't a dream. kehkehkeh i guess that explains why i hear people having the words 'Natasha' and 'siao' in the same sentence....

  3. Probably be good for the kid to get him some germs. My mom used to say how parents these days fuss waaaay too much on their "germ free" kids. Back in the old days, her milk bottle used to be a modified coke bottle. And it used to be everywhere. ON the floor, the flowerbed, in the sand.
    She'd just pick it up, dust it and wah lah, clean. She'd blow on it and wah lah, bac-free.
    Good for the body I tell ya.

  4. yup...there's nothing like good old stinking germs..
    james..the cockroaches in Joe's Apartment would be proud of you..heheh

  5. a bit of germ can actually make u stronger man... :P big germ eat small germ, read dat in cantonese. "tai-kuan-sik-sai-kuan"

  6. Just don't let Mae catch you in real life. :lol: Baby will have lots of fun & germ-proof immunity with dada like you.

  7. i'm making sure i bring a can of lysol to disinfect you james .... :P

  8. When you say football hold, you mean American Football or soccer? ;)

  9. I thought all expectant fathers do that, Mei. I guess you'll find that out someday. :)
    Aaah, that explains all those occassional weird posts, Natasha! :lol:
    I agree Suresh. Kids nowadays are soft! Nothing like some germs to get them into shape. :lol:
    Yeah, Hmm - I'm sort of starting a collection of cockroaches. Heh.
    And after that it's "Poor Daddy" if Mae catches me, Glinar. If. Hehheh!
    No wonder I'm a pretty big guy these days, Olivia! :lol:
    Fly, she's already given me instructions to put everything in my own mouth first before giving it to Baby.
    You'll need something stronger than that, Leo!
    C'mon Sashi, everyone in the world knows that American Football isn't really football. Even me. *runs off to hide from any angry American*

  10. James! Don't let me catch you do the dirty! Hehe. So sweet the dream... I love babies! I must see your baby when it's here... ;) Ah man, i am getting all fuzzy again... I feel like a grown-up baby. Hey, i still do baby-talk with friends, ok. I am not weird. I am fabulous. Urgh, so gay.

  11. Just remember the 30-sec rule, if it has only been on the floor for 30 secs, it's still "clean" :)

  12. 30-sec rule ?? oro ??
    As long as it matter how fast you pick it up it'll still be dirty oo

  13. OK, kev. We all know you're fabulous. :)
    LOL, Jasmine! I believe it too.
    No, Leo, the germs wouldn't have had enough time to crawl up the thing, :lol: