Monday, July 19, 2004

The Cost of Parenthood

Having a baby is an expensive proposition. Before this I never imagined how much money it would cost to have a baby.

First, there's the consultation fee. We pay RM 65 per visit. By the time Baby arrives, we would have had 15 of these, bringing the total amount to RM 975. Add to that the cost of medication, supplements and milk, I'd say we've spent approximately RM 1,500. And this is before Baby is even born!!

When it's time for Baby to actually get here, we'll be spending quite a bit more. Friends tell us to prepare approximately RM 3,500 for a natural birth. Is this cheap or expensive?

Still, other friends tell me that we can actually have a baby for all of RM 12 at a public hospital. But daddies are not allowed in the delivery room.

Let's not forget the stuff Baby needs. Diapers, clothes, bed and bedding, stroller, playpen, toiletries, etc. So far, I think we've spent approximately RM 3,500, if not more. Add to that the stuff that Mae has to eat to regain her "health" (we're Chinese - we have all sorts of pesky beliefs) and we're expected to spend another RM 1,000 or so.

That's almost RM 10,000! *ack* Is everyone spending this much??

RM 10,000 is a lot of money. But thankfully, so far it's been worth every cent.

Note: I think I'll start keeping an account of the whole affair. One day when Baby grow up and decides to pain in the butt, we'll show him the bills. Hehheheh!!!


  1. Just wait for the day when your teenage son tells you he wants to study in UK/US....

  2. some government hospitals let the daddies go in during the delivery. better check into this. if you want 1st class you'll only have to put a downpayment of RM800. they'll give you a refund if the costs doesn't exceed this.

  3. "daddy... when i grow up, i wanna be a doctor!"
    *james plonks to the floor*

  4. just the Hot Wheels themselves will have you getting a bank loan.

  5. oo-ee james,
    ""Note: I think I'll start keeping an account of the whole affair. One day when Baby grow up and decides to pain in the butt, we'll show him the bills. Hehheheh!!!""
    You sound exactly like my sister,she has a lil black book with all the receipts of items i've gotten from her during the days when i did not earn.....
    Evil James ^_^

  6. You know how the credit card ad goes...
    Having a new addition to the family: priceless. ;)

  7. If you're in KL, Maternity Hospital Kuala Lumpur definitely lets daddies go in during delivery, but you'll have to leave immediately after the baby is born so that the staff can clean up!

  8. Heh heh..that's RM65 IF you don't do anything extra other than consultation. If you want your money back, ask your kid ot be a gynae in private practice in Malaysia!

  9. James' son will be such a genius that he will get endless scholarships. Hehe. Buy insurance from me! Haha.

  10. start an education fund for baby now. plonk aside some amount of cash and let it collect interest. when baby reaches 18, use it for his education. in the mean time, look for more money :P

  11. My mum has never failed to remind me how much money I owe her - if she were to be more calculative than she already is. So I beat her to it by offering to pay off stuff while she takes a break and enjoys life. Fillial piety sort of thing, y'know. ^_^
    Besides, unlike some people I know, she has fulfilled her responsibility as a mother by loving me and being around for - I know of some people who think that their parents owe them the world, etc (everything monetary). XD

  12. Nope, Sashi. Baby's gonna be a locally-educated, diploma-holding, working-class hero, just like daddy. Hahahhah...poor kid! :)
    That's true, Hmm. Too bad all the important info always come too late. :)
    Olivia, I have a response just for that. "Son, the really good doctors are the locally educated ones." Hahahahah!!! Sorry to all docs!
    No Hot Wheels, graceshu. Baby's gonna play with the stuff daddy used to play with - like tin cans, coconut shells, biji saga... Hehheh!
    Leo, that's the reward accorded to all parents, dude. We get to torture our kids just like our parents used to do to us. :)
    Unfortunately, Strizzt, for everything else we'll need Mastercard! :lol:
    Janus, I have always been suspicious of that. Maybe they want parents out so that we never see them in their reckless worst! :lol:
    Good plan, Zsarina.
    Dammit Gina, no product placement on this blog!!! :)
    Good on you, Mei. :)

  13. Hey man, it's only the beginning! ha ha But believe me, it is worth it.
    FYI, RM3500 for natural birth is a bit on the high side. RM12 for public hospital, I thnk it is only for gomen servant. But I heard Putrajaya Hospital is first class!

  14. Keeping an account sounds like a good idea :-D

  15. IMHO, Putrajaya Hospital is probably first class in facilities for government hospitals. But definitely not the staff there.

  16. I'm gonna haggle, Papi! :)
    Yeah Flip. Poor kid will be haunted by his own delivery bill! :lol:
    Actually, slightly nearer to home is the Selayang Hospital - also reputed to have great facilities, Joeblack. While it's not as far as Putrajaya, it's still gonna be a distance to travel - especially if Baby decides to surprise us and come out early! :)

  17. Everyone disses government hospitals, and then moans about the price of going private. I've always gone to government hospitals, and I don't think they get the credit they deserve. Sure you'll maybe not get air conditioning, and a private room, but the service is pretty superb. And they won't charge you cut-throat rates! What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?