Friday, July 2, 2004

Stand By Your Wife

My colleagues are going on a company trip to Phuket for some sun, sea and sand. I, on the other hand will be going to Kuala Selangor. Or Tapah. *sigh*

While I'd like very much to be going to Phuket, I'd have to give this trip a miss. With Baby's fast-approaching arrival, I just don't feel comfortable being away from Mae. My wonderful colleagues suggested I bring Mae along, but I think at this stage, no airline will fly her anywhere. But I asked her anyway.

"The guys suggested that you came along"

"You know I can't," she said, almost wistfully, "But you can go if you want."

I recognise it immediately. It's the classic trap-the-weasel-of-a-husband manoeuvre. A lesser man would have walked right into it. But not I. *ahem*

"No, honey," I said in my typical, melodramatic, over-the-top fashion, "My place is right here, by your side."

She's a sneaky one. Thank God I'm sneakier.

But erm... joking aside, my place IS right here by her side. *ahem*


  1. You can always go with her. But some people would disagree.... ;-)

  2. one and a half months more huh.. :D

  3. Yeah, Phuket may sound deliciously exciting, but your place is by your wife's and your little one :)

  4. Ah, Sharizal, I see you're well acquainted with that word as well. :)
    The airlines would disagree, Adam. Hehh!!
    Embrace it, Suresh. It's a good word. :lol:
    55 days, Natasha. Woohoo!!!
    Yes it is Jasmine. *ahem*

  5. Oh God...all the masculine innuendos traded about is making me slightly nauseous (and no, I'm not preggie). pats on back for you James. You caused her to be this way so you SHOULD be by her side. Tis not a sacrifice at all but a responsibility (I feel a Spidey quote coming on next but shall refrain!).

  6. LoL, have to agree with Zsarina lah. Ahem.. hem..

  7. Hahhah!!! You're a dangerous woman for Mae to meet, Zsarina. :lol: What can I say, this was a testosterone-driven post. Hehhhe.
    Aww Pickyin, you too? Hhehhehe... watch out for these two, guys. No pulling the wool over anybody's eyes here. :)

  8. *both hands up*
    YES! YES! i agree with Zsarina + Pickyin..

  9. I've been following your blog and it never seizes to make me smile and sigh wistfully. Both of you are lucky to have each other. Gosh...I can't help but feeling a twinge of jealousy. The best happen to good people, you know. ^_^

  10. Hahhah Glinar!! Hmm... I sense a women's lib movement forming right here in my blog!
    Thanks for dropping by Mei. And don't feel jealous, everyone's entitled to their own soulmate. :)

  11. :D never failed to be amused by all your banter and 'traps' in the marriage. Indeed, marriage should be fun, shouldn't it :)
    Now, do u mind giving me erm..tuition class when I get married myself? :P

  12. You mean guilt trip actually works???
    I'll find out tonight! ;)

  13. No Leokoo, you shouldn't take tuition. These surprises will give you lots of blog subject. :)
    *ahem* Apparently it didn't, mdmafia.