Friday, July 23, 2004

Missing In Action

Yesterday was our weekly appointment with the Gynaecologist. Yup, it's become a weekly affair now that Baby is just 36 days away! The appointment was anytime from 3pm to 4pm. But instead of being at the Gynae's with Mae, I was in the other part of town sitting in a customer's office.

I deal with some of the most painful clients. And LankyHank was one such pain.

LankyHank is one of those young, bloodthirsty execs who, out of sheer determination (and probably some ass-kissing) had made his way to a job with a corporate giant here in Malaysia. But since he's at the bottom of the food chain in his company, he has no one on whom to exert his authority. No one, except us poor vendors.

So there I was with my colleague Brownie at his office at 2:15pm meeting up with him and his boss. Boss is done with his brief in less than 20 minutes. Brownie and I were expecting to make a quick getaway, but that was not to be. LankyHank drags our sorry asses into an empty cubicle and proceeds to explain in great detail Boss' brief which we had just hear from the horse's mouth a short while ago. It was something he could have done over the phone in all of 15 minutes. But no, this made him feel important.

At 3:30pm we were still there.

I call Mae. "Sorry honey, you'll have to go alone". It tore me apart. Due to my flexible working hours, I had not missed a single Gynae appointment with Mae. But thanks to LankyHank, I would miss my first one. I was seething, under my glossy veneer of calm and charm. *ahem*

Brownie and I got out of there by 4pm. Mae was already in the examination room. Alone. I was still halfway across town.

Depressed, I dragged Brownie off to the Best (click second best for context) Paanmein on the Planet. It would help ease my pain.

Meanwhile, LankyHank is probably tormenting another vendor somewhere. He needs it. It reaffirms his existence.

And the Paanmein wasn't all that tasty.



  1. :) Hey James, keep up the good cheer. It's amazing you din seeth and boilover when LankyHawk took over your time
    Perhaps next time you could tell him politely? :P nahhh~~
    Btw, where's the best Paanmein in town? Would like to check it out dude. *hint hint*

  2. Well, tell me about it, man. Although I have never miss the appointments, but I perfectly understand the feeling. The guilt. The thought of her lying there alone. All alone.

  3. for a price.. i can have his head for you. ^^

  4. Nah, Leokoo. Lankyhank is not as bad as I make him sound. :) And now worries on the PaanMein - that entry ill come soon enough.
    Yeah Papi, it feels like something I have to do!
    Nah Noorhidayat, not his head. I still need this client! How about I buy you a Ramly Burger and you just slap him round abit! :lol: