Thursday, July 22, 2004

Nicole Kidman

Today, as Mae drove me to work, we heard an interesting comment over the radio. The DJ reported that Nicole Kidman feels most "at home" in New York. She went on to add that Nicole would feel at home in KL too, in the homes of Malaysian men. Ehhehheh!!!

So I asked Mae, "What if Nicole Kidman came up to you and said, 'Mae, can I stay in your house?'"


"Why not?" I said as I stepped out into the thin ice.

"Because my stupid husband will have an affair with her". Hahahhahhaha!!!

Women feel threatened by Nicole Kidman. Nobody cares if Penelope Cruz came over to stay. But not Nicole.

Tom Cruise is such a dumbass.


  1. Oh Penelope can come over and stay Aaaaaanydaaaay. Please. Penelope, you reading this?
    >) But James, does Mae know that there's no guarantee that Nicole would want to have an affair with you, hence it's safe for her to come over?

  2. *lol* Yes, Tom Cruise is such an ass...but then again, have you see his ass? *drools*

  3. penelope cruz hunts married men. bad idea. nicole on the other hand.. errr... a bit fox-like :P i'll get ready a broom if they come over my house. ehehehe

  4. I was going to write an intellectual comment on the sexual objectification of women, but then my drool obscured the letters on my keyboard... :lol:

  5. yep.. Tom Cruise is a dumbass.
    to Mei: his brains is at his buttocks... that's why it looks good I guess.

  6. Tom Cruise's brain is at his buttocks I mean... for you people who can't intepret me well. ^^

  7. Tom Cruise *drool* Nicole *drool*. therefore the couple *drool* . Nicole comes over, i *drool*. so if Nicole comes over, there is a slight chance of Tom coming over because he might want to visit Nicole or something.. so yeah *drool* *drool* at them both. *drool* at nicole *drool* at tom. Sorry Penelope.

  8. i so agree with you, James.
    Nicole is definitely the hotter one.

  9. Tom and Nicole will get back together. Someday.

  10. I so don't understand what's the big deal about Tom Cruise. I cannot stand him and his acting. But Nicole's cool. She deserves better than Tom.

  11. Hmmmm... interesting.... *grin

  12. Uh uh. That b*tch can stay away from my house. Christina can come and stay over anytime she wants. Hey James, have you met her? We are usually in Bangsar on Saturday nights. Come join me and Christina at Starbucks.

  13. My wife would love for Brad Pitt to drop by. Not sure who I'd like to move in with us. Maybe not Nicole or Penelope. you've got me thinki...OH! Hi honey! What? Nothing, I'm not doing anything, just surfing the Internet. See? OK, I'll be there in a second.
    Ah, never mind.

  14. pls, i dont mind and welcome to have vaness wu jian hao to stay in my house...*lol*

  15. Tom Cruise is a man of conscience. I have seen him on Oprah many times and he always has something insightful to say. He is very well grounded and looking that good dooesn't hurt either. So I doubt his brain is at his buttocks.
    I think Tom and Nicole will get back together too.

  16. that is possibly the funniest closing sentence of any blog yet...! hahahaha....

  17. I think, Tom Cruise is so overrated. Most people wondered what was wrong with him when he dumped Nicole, i wondered what was wrong with Penelope for wanting to go out with him(?!) Never understood what was all the hype about him. But then again, thats just me, most girls out there would prolly be glaring daggers at me rite now :D

  18. Annu: noooo, i totally agree with you. the glaring dagger girls are prolly the same ones who fancied Mr Pitt in Troy too. just goes to show the dearth of taste (i.e. sight of Pitt => instant ovulation while Eric Bana => eh.) these days. ;)

  19. Tom CRuise-dumb ass but I won't mind if he wants to stay over .. heheheh.As for Nicole Kidman,ermm since I am not married so I won't mind.If I am,no thanks.

  20. Ash, Nicole would have an affair with me cos I have a lot in common with Tom. We're both short and we both have dark hair. :lol:
    :lol: Mei!
    Fox-like? What in the world, Olivia!??!
    Yes, Sashi. Nicole does inspire lots of biological reactions. Heh!
    Of course, Peter. And THAT is why I'll never have an affair with Nicole. *ahem*
    Yes Noorhidayat. That's what we call a thinking man's ass. Wait... no... hmph!
    Hey natasha, no drooling in cyberspace! :)
    You bet, fooji. Methinks Penelope a bit "kampong" lah. :lol: (apologies to all Penelope fans)
    You think Tom's that smart, mdmafia? :)
    Yes Fly, Nicole does deserve better. Too bad I got married. :lol:
    WHat's more interesting, AlvinK, is how many people are responding to this blog at the mere mention of Nicole Kidman. Hehheh!
    Christina eh, Kev. Boy, you are one confused guy! :lol:
    Hehhheh... Jordan, Jordan! :)
    Phoenix, if Vaness Wu come to stay my house, I won't bother coming home. Hehheheh!!!
    Now that, Revlon, was insightful. :)
    Glad you enjoyed it, Sir 7. :lol:
    Annu, I think he's finally had it with people saying Nic's taller than him. :lol:
    Instant ovulation!? HAhahhah, that was very descriptive, Lara!
    Hehheh, so you're all ready to forgive Tom now, aren't ya, Dee? :lol:

  21. hah, how about a malaysian version of Tom cruise? :P
    Just another friend of mine (Hah, hopes he doesn't find this out :P)

  22. leokoo:hahaha...isaac will surely kill YOU..:P

  23. Hehhhe, Malaysian Tom Cruise, huh! :lol:

  24. TOM sure is one.

  25. Actually, I wouldn't mind having Nicole over. We would then have a lovely time bitching about Tom and Penelope. And - I'd probably have myself an invite to stay at her apartment in New York by the time she leaves.
    Oh yes...Nicole can stay at my house any time.