Friday, July 30, 2004

Tight Fit

According to, Baby Jesse (see, I'm using his name already) should be about 18 inches now. He should also be about 2.5 - 3 kgs now. As you can imagine, it's a tight fit in the womb right now.

So whenever the little guy moves, you can actually see the impression of a stray elbow or knee. And it's supposedly quite visible. Think Aliens. :)

Mae's been telling me about it but I haven't seen it for myself. "Oh, he just moved his arm," she'd tell me. "Where? Where?" I'd scramble for a closer look but everytime that I did he's stay very still, the little rascal! I even set up the camera to snap it should it happen again, but so far, no such luck. Trying to capture Baby's movements on camera is proving quite difficult. He's almost as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster!

After a week of trying, I'm so desperate that I'd even settle for a feel of his movements. So, I place my hand over Mae's belly and talk to the little guy. Oh, he'll give me a condescending little nudge or maybe a complimentary roll every now and then but no real big moves. But no big moves.

Then last night at about 2am, while I was drifting in and out of sleep, Mae suddenly woke me. "Honey, he's moving!" I jump out of bed.

She puts my hand on the exact spot just beneath her ribs and there it was. I could feel his little hand. Maaaaaan!!!! His tiny little hand was in my own hand. I cannot explain what a rush that was, but man, was it ever a rush! Fuuh....

Then again, that might have been his foot. Oh well...


  1. *Lol* haha, his foot huh?
    But wow, amazing..the passage to fatherhood. I guess it does make a man out of u, doesn't it? ;)
    p/s: Hmm, trying to reassure myself of my manliness by checking on my chest hair. Aiks! I've none! *blush blush*
    Hehe, take care!

  2. a reader of your blogJuly 31, 2004 at 10:08 AM

    wow !! what a fantastic experience !!

  3. i like the way u describe yr fatherhood experience, and how much u love your wife. such a warm fuzzy feeling :) u'r a good man, james.
    perhaps little jesse was giving a "hi-5"?

  4. felt like crying reading this post.

  5. his foot?? lol .... maybe that was his ass and he wiggled on your hand using his ass ...

  6. Went to Loch Ness last week, and apparently, they think that the great big beastie, is actually Atlantic Sturgeon!! Flippin Heck!

  7. You'll be surprised what kinds of things will make a man out of you, Leokoo! :lol:
    Babies are especially kewl, weeliem. :)
    It was, Reader. And yesterday I saw those movements with my own eyes. Whoa!
    Thanks, Olivia! :)
    Awww, nurul! *pats nurul's head*
    Ass huh, Leo! :)
    -v-: A sturgeon? Man, I feel so cheated!!!!

  8. *haha* again, u make me laugh. thanks? it's juz been absolute fun reading your journey to fatherhood and i'm shure you'll make a great daddy when the 'little one' comes =). oh yesh,stumbled upon LoopyMeals awhile ago and have been visiting here from time to time - hope u don't mind - it's highly entertaining =). thanks again. and oh yea, one more thing... it's ALWAYS nice to see a fellow taiping-er, even online. ;)

  9. Hey there, mysh! So you're from Taiping too, huh. No wonder you're so clever. ;)