Friday, July 16, 2004

Standby For Launch

Today as Mae paid a visit to our good friend Helena (not her real name, duh!). As she stepped into the house, Helena's sister Hermia noted Mae's shape. "Your baby has engaged," she remarked.

If you've never heard the term, it mean's Baby has positioned himself for exit. Basically, this means the little guy is now upside down. In other words, he's at the starting line waiting for the gun to go off. Baby is at the launchpad, waiting to take off. He's about to be born soon!!! Whoa!!!

Hermia has had some experience. "You shouldn't be moving around," she advised. "It could be anytime now."

I'm gonna be a Daddy so soon. 42 days, according to the countdown clock I have on the right hand of this page. That's just a little over a month.

Fuuh! This is all very surreal.


  1. hey, it might be sooner than you think ;)

  2. ::"Your baby has engaged," she remarked::
    The sentence above reminds me of Star Trek when they activate their warpdrives. Ahh...i wonder if Helena is a trekkie oo :)
    Anyway when the countdown hits 41,you should start a 40 day and 40 nights of fun with the guys before baby makes you nearly-permanently grounded at home.
    Till than.....

  3. PICCCCIIIIEEEEEEESSSSSSS of the little bundle, james!...please...with sugar on top! :)

  4. Yeah, I was thinking Star Trek too!
    Captain: Ensign, take us out. Full impulse power. On my mark.
    Ensign: Aye, aye, Captain. Full impulse power.
    Captain: Engage.

  5. bab noodle is coming! baby noodle is coming! *prepares confetti + rose petals + dance music*

  6. Oooh, can do little "Star Trekkie" movie of launch & put it up here.
    After all this, I think Baby should be christened Spock.

  7. Exactly, KA. Fuuh! What a rush!
    :lol: Leo! Something tells me Baby might decide to come out early.
    I promise, Mei! :)
    Sashi, you trekkie. *bish*
    Ah, olivia. Looks like I should employs your services as my Event Coordinator. :lol:
    Not you too, Fly!?! Someone beam me up away from all these people! :lol:
    STill praying about it, Peter. :)

  8. Wah! The dreams, and now this. Baby can't wait to come out to see his daddy and mommy!

  9. I bet the excitement is killing ya! A whole new chapter of your life is just about to begin... Man, how trilling!

  10. Your baby entries always put a smile on my face James... 41 days!!! :D

  11. if baby is a boy...than he'll come out earlier... that's according to my aunties who has more than 2 sons.
    It seems they'll come out about 2-3days earlier.

  12. ever tried pinching urself a couple of times to see if u're in a dream? heh, something like Matrix :p
    42 more days? :) hope you still continue blogging after that~

  13. Kewl James. How exciting!! Waiting with bated breath :)

  14. wow!~ wow!~...a new comer on earth soon!~ :)
    what r u going to name da baby??

  15. could be sooner than you think ;)

  16. Ariel, you have no idea!! :)
    :lol: Papi! Hope he doesn't get too disappointed.
    How nice of you to say, kev. :)
    Leo, we've heard those. But then again, we've also heard the complete opposite. :D
    Leokoo, I'm still tryin' ta figure out a way to blog from the delivery room! :)
    :lol: Olivia!!
    I'm turning blue with the wait, Irene. :)
    We have some ideas already, Glinar. Will post soon.
    You betcha, Dee. He might just surprise us and come out early. :)