Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eyewitness Account: PPS Birthday Bash

Yes! I was at the Project Petaling Street 2nd Anniversary Birthday Bash (PPS2ABB) tonight and I rushed home to blog about it, just so I can leave the first ping! Bwahahahahah! Somebody gimme a kiasu award!

Update at 24 June 2005, 12:07am
I noticed a spike in the hits just because of my ping. So I figured I better write something more substantial before anyone sends me hate-mail or something. :)

Mae and I got there at 9:00pm. Parking was impossible. We ended up parking at the Selangor Club right behind Merdeka Square. Charlie's is a lovely place. Very cosy and rustic. Unfortunately, we turned out to be a big group. By the time we got there, there must have been 50-70 people there. As you can imagine, both air-cond and Charlie's staff were overworked. People were everywhere. In the pub. Outside on the yard (can I say yard?). In the gallery (the place had a nice art gallery). And all the blogging luminaries were there. It was like some crazy Hollywood event. Cameras were flashing everywhere!

It seemed like everyone had brought a camera. That's when I kicked myself in the ass. Of all the bloody days to forget my camera. *sigh* But I suppose, by tomorrow, the whole of PPS will be buzzing with photos and news and stuff.

Okay. More tomorrow. Watch this space. :)


  1. This one memang kiasu report. Ping a half finished entry!! How can!!

  2. You are #4. We (Wing, I and Mr Kiasi) are kiasu-er but then, we did not go. So you win.

  3. Why the entry half way only ?? :S seems like you were sleepy +excited hehehehehehe will check again tomorrow :D

  4. Patience, Jason. Good things come to those who wait. :lol:
    True dat, Wingz. But technically, yours isn't actually an eyewitness account! HEhehh... that was just more kiasuism for your enjoyment. :lol:
    You guys shoulda been there, Lilian. It was a pretty big do.
    Yes Deepsy. Come back tomorrow. :)

  5. You beat me to it!! I wanted to be first!!

  6. hey james, it was great to meet up with you and your wife mae. its a pleasure! cheers! :)

  7. Great to finally meet you two. Looking forward to more! :)

  8. Ei, me waiting for more pics from you leh. Cyber-red beat you to it but I want MORE! Faster, faster!!

  9. WOW, Mae is hot!!!! Hehehe... yes, James you're so lucky... but you're no less tall, dark and hamsum too :D

  10. So you went anyway, eh? Well, at least now we know how you (and Mae!) look like... ;)

  11. is not fair babe_kl can seee u & mae pics but not me...=(

  12. wats that "baby countdown" thing in your right column :)

  13. how come u bloggers look so good looking one?

  14. pssttt... phoenix, their faces are shown in one of those PPS Bash round up :p go check em out

  15. Don't you worry now, Nick. If for any reason, I cannot perform my duties at the First Pinger of PPS Bash, you will assume my crown. :lol:
    Oh believe me, the pleasure was all ours, Killuminati!
    You bet, Jordan. Nice to meet you too.
    Sorry Primrose, I forgot my camera!
    Tall, Dark and Hamsum, Babe? Sorry-lah, I'm just Dark. :lol: One out of three okay ah?
    You shoulda been there, Sashi!
    Dun give up, Phoenix!
    haGAGSJA, that countdown was for the time we were expecting Jesse. Just never got round to removing it from the template. Hehh!
    MOO+1, who bloggers? :)
    Shhh... Babe!