Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Midnight Adventure

Yesterday, close to midnight, Jesse was coughing quite a bit. So we decided to give him some cough mixture - administered orally with the help of a syringe. I injected half its contents into his little mouth. He tasted it and gave me a twisted look. And then he started twitching and writhing about. He hated the stuff.

"Shit," Mae exclaimed, "Looks like we'll have to force it down!" She gave me the look. Yes, the one that says this is my job. "Alright, I'll do it," I said as I cradled the boy in my arms. He knew it was coming. Mae held his little face and gave it a little squeeze to pucker up his lips. I put the syringe in his mouth and injected the syrup. He started kicking about. And then it came.


The boy's dinner of milk and dessert of mashed apples came a-spewing forth like a tragic night in Vesuvius. And you'd be surprised how much milk can such a small boy contain. There was puke everywhere. Down his shirt. On the floor. All over his father. It was chaos.

Mae froze, her mouth gaping wide and her eyes glazed over. Like a deer in headlights. "Move!" I called out to her. In retrospect, "Fetch!" might have been more appropriate. Hehehh! Armed with towels and rags and a change of clothes for Jesse, the king's horses and men put Humpty Dumpty together again. Strangely enough, after the explosion Jesse was having a good time - playing and picking at the larger pieces of his own puke. Euwwww!

And that was our midnight adventure. Let's hope we'll have no more puke today.


  1. poor mom n dad. I wonder y some kids hate it.. and some love it. Cold/cough medication i.e.

  2. OHMIGOD.. picking pieces and all..yuckety yuck. Hope Jesse's better:) and you're smelling nicer.

  3. *gross* -playing with his own puke *double gross*
    Hope Jesse's cough stops tonight, else I am gonna play with my own puke too! *LOL*

  4. nothing is gross to parents :p
    hope jesse is better. sighhh my boiboi need 3 adults to feed him medicine urrghhh he's very strong. luckily the last bout of cough i managed to persuade him to administer medicine from the syringe on his own... phewwww...

  5. hahaha... you are so good at telling stories! sounds so hilarious! :lol:

  6. MOO+1, I suspect that Jesse just had a little tummy upset.
    Indeedy, Jayelle. I bathed right after! :lol:
    Jason, if you play with your own puke, I will come there and smack you. :lol:
    Good one you Babe! You gotta give us some tips lah.
    Hahhha, Momof2. These stories only sound funny after the event. :)
    Yes Belacan, having undergone the initiation ceremony, I feel we belong. :)
    Not true Perc, I was tasting the stuff and giving my boy the thumbs up before he had any. Hehhh!

  7. That's probably the best alarm clock a parent can ever have, assuming it goes off at the right time. No matter HOW sleepy you are, at the sound of
    You're sure to wake up, eyes shining. :P Hope he's ok, poor boy. Or should I say, poor parents!

  8. Poor Jesse! Emily hates taking medicine too so we have to do what you and Mae did to get her to take her meds. She always ends up wailing and sometimes puking too. She's getting better now though and doesn't cry anymore when we give her the meds. But she still refuses to open her mouth so we have to squeeze and force the meds down her throat.

  9. welcome to the club of Uwek! ;)

  10. perhaps because it was force on him, that he puke it all out? he was rebelling!

  11. Baby cough mix is usually not that evil-tasting. You guys must have (unconsciously) given off some strong vibes (like, this is gonna be yucky, kiddy) from your body language, demeanor whatnot. I am convinced babies have psychic sensors that 'read' your moods and feelings and sometimes 'adopt' them. I kid you not. :)

  12. Wow, what an adventure??!! I always give my child medicine on a digested tummy. So far, no vomit at all. I know when my son was young, similar to you, have to force it in. It take 2 adult to do that. My babysitter can do that alone. By the way, the doc told us to pump a little at a time and pump it at the side of the mouth, to prevent choking.

  13. oh dear! Poor Jesse. And poor daddy too *grin*
    Hope the little tyke's feelin' better today ;)

  14. Gwen, I can only pray he never, ever pukes in bed. Not since he sleeps with us. Euwww....
    Ariel, today I realised that Jesse had become suspicious when he sees the syringe. So now I just use a spoon. Works like a charm!
    Nah Lucia, he had a little trouble swallowing too since his throat is a little red.
    That's good advice, Michelle. For Jesse, I think he doesn't really mind the stuff since it taste quite good anyway. So now I just let him sip off a spoon.
    Lil' Tyke is up and about, Chun. Daddy, however is still reeling from the experience. :lol:

  15. i wanna share this with jesse...

  16. next time, prepare yourself with a shield laa.. haiyoo..

  17. Thank you Baby Caleb Lim. Jesse will enjoy this very much. Perhaps even more than he will enjoy pounding on Daddy's keypad. :)
    Raincoat, Hazel? :lol: