Monday, June 13, 2005

Makan-Makan Petaling St.

to die for

My momma was in town till yesterday. On Saturday, we decided to bring her to one of my favourite food haunts in KL - Seng Kee. The place is situated along Jalan Sultan which is where the old Rex Cinema used to be and runs parallel with Petaling Street (the place, not the blogtal). The shop sits in front of the Furama Hotel.

This place has been around forever. Like the sign says, the signature dishes here are the Claypot Loh Shu Fun, superb Yong Tow Foo and their fantastic Crispy Roast Pork Noodles. While Seng Kee found fame with it's Claypot Loh Shu Fun - a rice noodle cooked in a claypot with a generous helping of braised mince pork and pork liver, it must be said that the standard has dropped over the years. It's not all bad, just not all great. However, the Yong Tow Foo is still excellent. Yong Tow Foo is a fish patty stuffed into various veggies including chillies, okra, eggplant. I especially love the stuffed chillies since this place deep fries the stuff, bringing out a unique aroma in an otherwise standard chinese hawker cuisine. :)

To call Seng Kee a restaurant would be something of an understatement. When I ate here a decade back, Seng Kee was just a roadside shop with a few tables along the five-foot way of the shops on Jalan Sultan. Today, the tables are set along the corridors of some 7 or 8 shops. Seng Kee also rents the space of daytime restaurants for it's night time use. I usually sit in their Nam Heong space where it's air-conditioned.

We ordered the shop's new specialty - the Cantonese Fried Sang Mein with Fish Patties. Fish patty is like fishball without the ball shape. While most good Chinese restaurants serve this, Seng Kee's fish patties are excellent. The patties here are deep-fried in a light batter and seasoned with Chinese five-spice powder. We also ordered a Braised (Mun) Sang Mein with Fish Fillet (Yue Phin). That was only okay.

However, the current number one - which is the topmost picture on this post - is the Crispy Roast Pork Noodle (Siew Yoke Mein). In this dish, the roast pork is sauteed in dark soy sauce with bits of cruncy garlic slices. This is a heavenly accompaniment for the stir-fried Sang Mein noodles.

Seng Kee operates from dinner time till the wee hours of the morning, about 2 - 3am. It's a great place to eat and not terrible expensive too. We paid RM 95 for a hearty meal for 7 of us. So much for my diet. *sigh*


  1. Yup, Seng Kee is my fave too :-)

  2. Roast pork noodle is good but we usually go for the fried roast pork only.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Still trying to figure out who you are. Cheers! :)

  3. James Tan! I remember you! LOL . Hows Gina and the gang? Still in contact with them?
    Congrats with your newborn :)

  4. Oi.. i was about to blog about this lah. You potong Q!!!
    Hi Galvin! I am still alive! You look damn good!

  5. You're making me hungry James!!! I can only drool at the pictures...haven't eaten heavenly food like that in a long time. Would kill for a bowl of pan mein or loh shee fun right now. Nice post by the way.
    I'll just shut up and go eat my bland grilled chicken sandwich for lunch now. :-(

  6. W O W ! A moment there i thot i tersalah masuk Mekdonel Mia website!!! Nice interface you got here man! *bookmark bookmark*

  7. ... *cries*
    You know everytime you post something like that I have to compete to actually make something similar in my kitchen right? You're costing me a lot of money!!! I'm supposed to be resting and waiting for the birth of our son and here you are making me run around in the kitchen shame on you :P
    Kinda got my hubby hooked on wan tan mee hehe ^^ My wantan is far superior to any I've eaten in Chinese restaurants around here and that is sad.

  8. adoi... nampak sedapppppppp. hehe... you just made my stomach growl!

  9. aiyoyo not a good idea to see all these yummilicious dishes before breakie...
    siew yoke meen, ytf & claypot loh shue fun are my fave here too ;)

  10. Just to let you know - Bcoz of this post, I'm heading to Jalan Alor for some siew yoke rice!
    Terrible la you...making me fat eating all those fat!!!

  11. "So much for my diet. *sigh*"
    Lol. I was going to ask you "What happened to your diet? as I read through your post. Hehe. BTW, you don't need to diet. Don't bluff lar, I saw the earlier photos before the cencorship board wan...

  12. i just tried out that place for first time in my life last week. very the delicious!!!! will go there again as soon as possible :)
    looks like we got same taste in lots of diff food james.
    char kway teow yum yumm.... slurp :)

  13. fffffoooooodddddddddd......... drool fest.

  14. mmmm..pork.. MMMM roast pork...

  15. another good example of hearty meal not equal to healthy meal. once a while, OK gua...

  16. oh no.. now im hungry and lunch is 4hours away!! evil evil evil... =P~

  17. Aw, man! you're making me hungry!!! AAAargh!

  18. You have exquisite taste, Anjali. :)
    Hey there Galvin! :) And yes, just the Fried Roast Pork is good. Maybe even better.
    Too bad, Gina. But you can still blog mah. 2 opinions are better than 1.
    Thanks Revlon. You'll have to make more trips home then.
    Thanks Wingz!
    Well Gwen, I'm sure your hubby appreciates your scooting around the kitchen. :) And hey, do post up your Wantan Mein recipe.
    Go pacify that stomach, CC. :lol:
    Babe, I love the YTF chillis the most. I can eat a dozen. :lol:
    Those were old photos, MG! Hehheh!
    Great stomachs eat alike, Adriene. Heh.
    Resistance is futile, MOO+1
    Eat Annu, Eat.
    Once in awhile is good enought, Twinsmom!
    :lol: Drea, looks like you'll have to make a break for an early lunch.
    Go eat Simon, or do you need 10 good reasons. :lol:

  19. Eeeeeeeeee.. I miss this place so much. I have to agree with you, the 'lo shu fun' is not as good as before.

  20. They've got a branch in SS2 now, Kat. And yeah, the Lo Shu Fun there is pretty disappointing too! :lol: