Friday, June 3, 2005

PPS Sucks Eggs!

The PPS 2nd Anniversary is just around the corner. I was nominated for the Project Petaling Street Blog Awards in 2 separate categories. However, I have been dropped like a hot potato from the running. This sucks. How will I ever explain to my infant son that nobody wanted to vote him?

PPS sucks man! C'mon, people!!! He's just a kid. Feh!

Yes, the voting booth is open. Unfortunately, LoopyMeals will not be in the running. This is a tragic turn of events. As such, I have commission special T-shirts to commemorate PPS... erm... suckiness. All tees come in any size you like, as long as it's XL. It retails for RM 99.90. Cheap! All proceeds will go to a good cause - mainly to nurse my wounded ego. Please remit your money directly into my account.

Heh. Didn't someone say an idle mind is the devil's workshop? It was either this or a video of me doing some creepy victory jig. :)


  1. ;D
    such bitterness! tsk tsk.
    nice shirt though.

  2. I take it you won't be going to the bash, even if to sneer at the winners? :)

  3. an idle mind IS the devil's workshop. i'm starting to regret my dirty laundry's post. btw, hope to see you and the tan clan(the other two! dun bring ur yee ma, ah pak, ah yee all ya.:P) at the bash!

  4. Or are you going to bring some rotten tomatoes and eggs there to target the winners? Can I tumpang a dozen eggs to you? Hahaha.

  5. hey at LEAST you got NOMINATED whereas MOI who have been blogging for FOUR years.. DID NOT.
    Not that I bother anyways =P

  6. Oh yea, some lessons on how to charm a lady with a wicked sense of humor would do too! :p

  7. hahaha! James, dun lar be such a sucky loser :p Anyways, it doesn't matter if you're not up there, as long as we all know how good a quirky writer you can be!
    p/s: Will vote for you next year if you teach me how to cook some of your specialities! Hehehee

  8. *sniff*
    Ok lah I'll buy the RM99.90 from you.

  9. Oi! I voted for you ok! Heheh.
    Never mind. There is always next year.

  10. As someone who first nominated you - do I get the T-Shirts for free? And in size M? And also a female top - preferably while being worn on a female?

  11. james, you had better go to the PPS bash (with mae and jesse in tow) as i'll be there all the way from the little island in the north. it would be good to meet bloggers face to face you know.

  12. Good God. We do take blogging seriously, don't we? ;-)

  13. Hey you people! Doesn't anyone need a PPS T-shirt that also tells you where your Pee-pee and your Ass is in case you ever needed help finding them? Aww...
    So you'll order one, Graceshu? ;)
    I would love to bring the whole family, Jayelle. But a night outing on a weeknight might not be the best thing for Jesse. :o(
    Awww Norzu, now you made me really wanna go! :lol:
    Sure, Lilian. Yours will be the one marked "With Love from Lilian"!
    Stop tormenting me, Tormentt.
    Cyber-Red: Hey, I made a baby just to make my blog interesting, okay?! Maybe you ought to put your back into it! :lol:
    Ahh Leokoo! Patience, my young Padawan. T-shirt, you must first buy. :)
    Kenny Sia!!! I can't believe you came all the way over here to rub it in!!! *piak* Don't make me come there and start designing t-shirts for your blog!!! :lol:
    Which is why, Gina, I signed up for yet another credit card from you! Hehhh....
    A female what, Sashi? :lol:
    Wow, this is getting serious. Okay Lucia, just for you I will really try to make it! :)
    Oh, get off your high-horse and admit that this is the only free excitement we parents can get these days, Zsarina. :lol:

  14. maybe aiz should make a "Malaysian Blog of the Year 2005 Nominees" t-shirt. huh huh huh :Lol:

  15. And a "Not Nominated" TShirt design for the likes of me...*sob*

  16. Sore loser - Typical mommy's boy characteristic. Tsk tsk tsk. ;-)

  17. Lol. Such a sore loser you are. Well, at least you got nominated! Otherwise you'd have an even harder time explaining to your infant son. Haha. :lol:

  18. OMG i don't believe you're like this. haha.

  19. I think a mask would be more appropriate, Belacans. Losers like me need to hide our faces.
    You got nominated what, AhPink!
    You think I'm a bad loser, Anjali. Then you're really gonna hate me when I win. :lol:
    I broke the news to him, MG. He spat in my face. Heheh... okay, okay... so he drooled all over me.
    Minishorts: Believe it baby! :)

  20. aww, can't it be the other way round James? After all, if I do succeed using your techniques, you bet you will have exclusive invitations to my wedding with all those sumpteous meals and all! :D Heheheh!

  21. so kesian meh... next year try again lor :p