Monday, June 27, 2005

Man Eating Fish

captain ahab meets his match

I always regarded Sushi and Sashimi as girlie food. I mean, girls just dig the stuff. These dainty little delights are small, colourful and you always look cute eating them. And besides they rationalise, what harm can a cute little morsel like that do to your waistline? Of course most women conveniently forget that they're scoffing down 20 of these lil' suckers at a go. :)

Anyway, despite being the manly-man that I am, I confess to have a weakness for Salmon and Tuna Sashimi. I mean, damn, the stuff is good. And there's something... erm... savage about a man stuffing his face with raw fish. Hurrr hurr hurrrhh!!!!

We bought the above at Jusco over the weekend. RM 19.90 gets you 11 slices of fresh Salmon, a dollop of Wasabi, a sachet of soy sauce, a green plastic leaf and a yellow plastic flower. You can also get 7 slices for 14.90. That works out to approximately RM 1.80 a slice. It's expensive considering there's no cooking whatsoever. Damn ripoff. This can only be an occasional treat.

"Get the small one, you know I'll just take one or two," Mae tells me. I get the big one anyway. She proceeds to eat 5 slices. Feh! So much for "one or two"!


  1. oit yr photos looked like a pair of binoculars geh?? :p
    hey i was at jusco kepong on sunday :D

  2. sashimin? *drool*
    But the measley little dollop of wasabe they give is never enough for me. I have my own supply. Slather it on like peanut butter and dip into the sauce with cut chillies. YUMmm. The kick is somewhat like having a porcupine shoved up my nose. Heh! I must sound so masochistic. A sahimi meal just makes me cry with joy! LOL!!

  3. i love sashimi, but dont dig sushi so much. tuna, salmon, geoduck and lobster sashimi i could eat those everyday! damn im craving for sashimi. eh u irc one? have we chatted together? blur

  4. ooo... shashimi I like too! If it's not too much trouble, you can buy the chilled salmon fillet and slice it yourself. I think that's cheaper! :)

  5. You're lucky Mae is such a dainty eater. I know what I would do. :lol:

  6. Oh...salmon sashimi...*drooling*...I know this weekend what going to eat liao.

  7. Awww...James, you are so cruel!
    I can wallop a LOT and I used to use the excuse of pregnancy and then, breastfeeding. Baby want to eat mah. Now, no more excuse, so I can only look from far and have an occassional treat.

  8. wei.. those slices look like NEMO.. *grin*
    anyways.. where's the Knuckle lar? *grin*.. waiting to see those pictures man..

  9. ... you're showing pictures to a huge fan of sashimi but who's pregnant and can't eat it?
    * adds you to her "someone who must belanja her when she returns to KL" list*
    Oh btw, it's expensive because the fish is probably expensive, and the training of slicing and handling sashimi to proper standards is costly. So is a proper sashimi knife *shudder* $_$

  10. ahhh sashimi, if you can go down to carrefour at subang and buy half a salmon and make your own sashimi.
    and you will realize that the profit those sushi shops make is a clean 150%.

  11. aiyooooo.. how can u do this? i can't touch the stuff right now... i can't wait for this bun to bake, so i can eat sashimi big time.... why is it that baked/grilled/fried/smoked salmon does not taste as good?

  12. The pic must not have been updated yet, Babe. I was at Jusco 1U lah!
    I know, Percolator! No self-respecting Malaysian Sashimi lover should be contented with so little wasabi.
    Kimberly, I think the rice in Sushi dumbs down the great Sashimi taste. I hardly IRC anymore. Used to some 6-7 yrs ago! :) Might have chatted with you, I dun really remember. Just remember the @ by your nick. :lol:
    Momof2, isn't there an art to slicing your Sashimi?
    I can guess, AhPink. Stay away from my Sashimi.
    Reading back this post also makes me wanna eat some, Twinsmom. :lol:
    Nahlah, Lilian, twist your hubby arm for a regular treat lah. Hehhh...
    :lol: Stop making them sound so cute, Paul. Oh, btw, knuckles coming up. Takes a bit of editing due to the bad lighting in the place.
    Why not, Gwen? Fish is a great source of DHA and Iodine. Also helps with the milk factory, some say. :lol: Come back, I'll buy you.
    Okay that does it, Leo. I'm gonna try this.
    Y-O-U-B-E-T, YP!
    Poor MOO+1. Consult your OBGYN lah - dun listen to old wives tales. :)

  13. i'm ok with it, but i can understand why some ppl are crazy over it.

  14. art of slicing? just cut it to the thickness of your choice cause it ends up in your mouth/tummy anyway :)

  15. and while you try that, i recommend getting Kikkoman Soy Sauce. If you need give me a buzz.

  16. After 9pm, all sushi (in JJ and Isetan) sells at 50% off but I've always preferred sashimi. Sushi "tipu orang makan nasi punya". Can pile on the carbs and pounds easily.

  17. wei James, preggy women r not supposed to eat raw food la, its not old wives tale. not even half cooked food like eggs, yr obgyn never inform u meh?

  18. cool a reason to have Saki............

  19. haha babe_kl is right!
    Ever heard of listeria bacteria, James? It causes miscarriage and stillbirth and it's virtually undetectable because the symptoms are just like common cold or flu. Same reason why one should not eat raw eggs, salmonella dun dun dun!

  20. Can or can't, Simon?
    :lol: Momof2. Don't you have to cut it along the grain or something? Heh! Too much Iron Chef.
    Ah, good advice Leo.
    My thoughts exactly, Primrose.
    Heh. I remember now, Babe. When Mae was preggers she wanted so badly to eat Fettucini Carbonara, but I had to say no cos they use raw eggs.
    Hehh... I didn't even think we needed a reason for Sake, DB!
    Pls dun hurt me, Gwen. :lol:

  21. Sounds like you enjoy japanese food. Have you ever tried Taishi Teppanyaki in USJ 9? They specialise in teppanyaki and it comes in a variety of sauces. But they do have noodles, sushi and sashimi on the side.

  22. Thanks for the recommendation Prissy. :)