Monday, June 27, 2005

Walk the Talk

where's the fire?

Over the weekend, we bought Jesse a little firetruck. It's a pretty cool toy. There's a hose up front that blows bubbles. There are all kinds of other nifty little buttons - one plays nursery rhymes, another switches on the signal lights, yet another switches on the siren. There's even a walkie-talkie thingy there that records and plays back your own voice. And it comes with a bona fide fireman helmet too!

And whaddya know, turns out the boy liked the helmet best. *sigh*

Actually, we didn't just buy the firetruck on a whim (though Mae think I'm really buying this for myself). Jesse just turned 10 months old yesterday, and from the looks of things it doesn't seem like he's gonna be walking anytime soon. He used to try walking whenever we lifted him up on his feet, but these days he'd just sit back down. So we thought we'd give him a little encouragement. Apparently, ride-on toys help. Kids get on and they're motivated to go places (for some reason, kids have places they want to go), hence they walk!

But I think Jesse's a lost cause here. His favourite activity for the last few days has been turning and flipping his helmet on the ground and crawling after it. Hehhh!

Oh well, at least we'll be entertained by his monkey antics. :)


  1. what a cute smile! And the hat looks good on him :p

  2. another cute smile for Jesse. I think you can make an exhibition out of all the pix you took of him la James.

  3. wow he seems to be having a time of his life!! awww.... how scweet!
    i think i saw dat in toys r us but it was kinda late then to buy for boiboi cos he was already 2 years old.

  4. hahaha...this is cute...appreciate the side dish instead of the steak.
    It happen to us too, we bought toys, the girls ended up prefer playing with the box (packaging) *sigh* say so lar, I can get plenty of the packaging from store.

  5. You know, the Bob the builder construction hat is cute too! Get one for him since Bob was here :)

  6. hahaha look at that! he actually knows how to balance the hat:) So clever!!! Jesse so clever!!

  7. LOL! It's funny that Jesse likes the helmet best. The truck does look very cool. We bought a Chicco wagon walker the other day to encourage Emily to walk since she likes standing up so much. Alas she is contented with pressing the buttons only!

  8. wah, can blow bubbles summore! i'm sure you will be the one pressing that more often that jesse boy. *grinz*

  9. He's got a toothy grin now, Visithra. :)
    Hahhah, you should see the ones where he just sulks, Norzu.
    Looks like your BoiBoi will have to settle for that 2-yr-old's Harley, Babe!
    Hahhha, boxes can save us lots of money, Twinsmom!
    Hmm, good idea Momof2.
    There were shots of him with the helmet all over the place too, Jayelle! :lol:
    I'm sure they'll get there, Ariel!
    For now we dare not put in the bubbles solution just yet, Belacan. The boy will probably lick the stuff! :lol:

  10. I think you don't have to worry about the walking part. I have 2 stories to share:
    1. This one's my own. I was told I was over 1 and still don't have the confidence to walk. My mum actually tricked me into doing it. She ask me to hold on to one end of a string and she will hold on to the other end. This way, she will be 'holding' so I could walk over to her. Dang if the string didn't hang loosely between us, but I happily walked over without realising it.
    2. My friend told me this. Her cousin's parents are overly protective of their grandson. So they always carried him and never let him try to stand or walk. At 3 years old, her cousin got worried that he may not be able to walk and took him to the doctor. The doctor took one look and him and said, "Come". And look who walked right over to the doctor.

  11. I'll try the string, Prissy. Thanks for sharing. :)