Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Euro Deli-cious!

one man's meat

Last week, we celebrated Josh and Paul's birthday at Euro Deli, Damansara Kim. Euro Deli, as the name implies, is a delicatessen that serves a continental menu. This place is as non-halal as they come, as a big portion of the menu is dedicated to the pig. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

From left to right. Julia grinning at the prospect of stuffing her face with pig. Someone ordered sausage. Lina fends of the paparazzi with her bread while Rina looks on.

I can't remember what this is but it's pig. Amy, Josh's wife exclaims at the prospect of stuffing her face. This one is pork chops, I think.

Mae's order of pork medallions. Jesse astounds at the prospect of his parents stuffing their faces. Daddy gets the last pork knuckle of the day. Think of it as a huge chunk of siew yoke

Somebody orders the double barrel. :) Big birthday boys, Josh and Paul and their dainty little cakes.

Mae and I usually go to the one in Damansara Utama. I never blogged about it cos, until today, I never got any good shots of the food there. This time is no exception. But thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, you can at least see something. :)

Go, go, eat eat!


  1. Yes, I've been there. Like the pork knuckle, though it's far from the original cooked-in-Germany version.

  2. We have ED here in Penang but it looks kinda deserted. Most of us go to Mr. Ho's. A nice colonial bungalow. Pork, pork everywhere. Siew yoke with pesto and fettucine is my atm's staple order. No wonder men are pigs.

  3. Fuwah, fistail and I posted a comment at the same minute and seconds. Aren't we such buddy, hmmm, fishtail?

  4. Oooh thanks! Have heard so much about it.
    Eh, how come this time Ministry of Domestic Affairs allow Clooney's pix to be included, eh? :-P

  5. I've been there.. in Jan this year, I think. It was also a friend's bday. :)

  6. Ek? this is my fav. restaurant too, not only dine-in, after dine-in we usually will ta-bao or buy a lot of sausages, bacon, macam-macam back home, and if my SIL come with us, the total bill can come out more than RM200 for the take-out alone :P !!!! what to do, good food.

  7. Oooo, pork! The only place I know (that serves porky pork such as ribs and knuckles) are Riblees in SS23 and Deutshe Bierhaus. Euro Deli, huh? Okie dokes. Will go look for it. Yum!

  8. We lup EuroDeli!!! Usually go to Yap Kwan Seng branch which is also a pub and they have meaty buffet on weekends.
    BTW James, check out Meaty House at D.Utama (same row as The Ship). They serve porky dishes too and much easier on the pocket. Must have the ribs!!!

  9. where is this place exactly? not well verse with Dsara Kim. any Jalan name?

  10. Curious it's at Jalan SS20/11. It's a row of shops at this website.. I just lurve this website..
    This link will take you directly to that location and it's in the vincinity of LDP-Uptown area. It's actually across the highway from Uptown. Use this map to navigate lar. Very helpful
    James.. thanks for the pictures.. so lurvely pics. I had the sausages (Veal and Farmer's Choice)in the pic next to Julia. The double barrel was an extra by Lina who had the Rottiserie as her main meal. Rina had the Pork Ribs. *slurp* The quiche Julia had was excellent.
    Man.. hungry lar.. wrong day to read this blog.. fasting today... :p ;)

  11. ED serves is good; meatloaf is quite nice.
    Lilian, I think that food in ED tastes better than Mr. Ho's leh...

  12. james,
    another porky place, as non-halal as they come, is checkers in damansara heights. serving stuff like euro deli's. ever eaten there before?

  13. Can't verify that Fishtail, since I've never been to Germany. But I'll take your word for it. :)
    Hahh, men are pigs indeed, Lilian!
    Anjali, Minister of Internal Security has laxed her guidelines a lot since the Bash. :lol:
    Come to think of it, I celebrated my birthday there too once, YP!
    Wow, your SIL has my respect, Twinsmom!
    I remember going to Deutsche Bierhaus, Primrose. But I think I only had beer. :lol:
    Meatyhouse... hmm... I remember seeing that. Thanks Babe. Will check it out!
    Curious, there's also one in Damansara Utama. Same road as Telekom - but somewhere in the middle.
    Hmm... I neved did get a shot of Julia's quiche, Paul. :) Looks like I should go back to EuroDeli!
    You are a woman of impeccable taste, Momof2. I love the meatloaf too!
    Thanks Adriene. The name does ring a bell, though I'm pretty sure I've never eaten there. Will check it out.

  14. Oh.. excuses and excuses.. maybe I'd like to go also.. hoh hoh hoh
    If men are pigs.. and they go to ED to eat.. does that mean we're eating our own kin? hoh hoh hoh.. Cannibals..
    still hungry .... rats..

  15. My wife is a bit upset with her photo... but heck.. women always complain about how they look anyway..
    BTW these photos SUCKs!! BIG TIME.

  16. OMG you know julia.
    he's eric's cousin.
    FREAKY whey.

  17. Make up your mind Paul. You pig or rat?
    Awww... tell Amy sorry lah, Joshua. That's the only shot of her I got.
    There ya go, Minishorts. 6-degrees on separation before your every eyes. :) Hmm... I wonder if I'll be able to dig up dirt of you from Julia. :)

  18. oh shouldn't be able to ... i've only met her just once... and that very nice engagement ring of hers
    teehee... i think she'll be shocked to know i blog.

  19. Euro Deli's the best any day! ^__^ where else can we get good deli pork?! heheh...
    the DU branch has buffets too.

  20. Minishorts, she actually recognised your eyes from the Star. :)
    Midnite Lily: DU has buffet!??! Aw man... there goes the diet.

  21. Josh.. i think the use of flash is subjective.. some ppl prefer natural colour rather than the "flash in the face" colour..which leaves your target blinded for a minute. ha ha ha..
    I prefer flashless for nice ambience shots.. when will they every come up with yellow flash, or natural colour flash.. if there's such a thing.. hi hi hi..
    PIGS PIGS PIGS.. no way on being rats James.. :)