Monday, June 20, 2005

Bad Day Brewing

What a day it has been. I'm pooped out just thinking about the events of the morning. Mae and I decided we would leave the house an hour earlier today. She had to catch the train to the city, I had to send my car in for repairs and we would be dropping Jesse and Roma at my mother-in-laws. My car was at the in-laws and I was driving Mae's mom's Kelisa.

As if an early morning didn't suck bad enough, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. Mae got ready very early on. But when it was my turn to hit the shower, for some reason water supply to the entire apartment building was cut! My only consolation was that I hadn't begun taking my bath. Can you imagine having soap all over your hair and body and then running out of water? Ugh!

Traffic was bad. The electronic signboard on the LDP informed us that some car had broken down somewhere along the expressway. And so a 20 minute trip ended up taking an hour.

Along the way, poor Jesse got hungry and we were only halfway to his grandma's house. And so Mae mix-up a bottle of formula and Roma fed him. Unfortunately, that proved to be a big mistake since my the short-wheel-base on my mother-in-law's car proved to be a bumpy ride. And that, as you might guess, is never the ideal condition to feed a child.

Poor little Jesse was wailing from discomfort. Roma and Mae were flustered and my blood pressure was at boiling point. And suddenly, the poor kid popped his load. *bluerk* He puked all over Roma which gave her quite the shock. Mae scrambled to comfort Jesse and help Roma. Me, I maintained order - snapping instructions at my panic-stricken wife and our puke-covered domestic helper while trying in vain to comfort them all. Through it all, the boy was screeching like banshee on the loose. It was a madhouse in that little car. By then we had arrived at the LRT station. Poor Mae was worried sick about our kid. "Go, I'll take care of it," I assured, sounding every bit like a corny hero from a cheesy B-grade movie.

Thankfully, five minutes later, Jesse, Roma and I arrived at my MIL's. The moment Roma stepped out of the car, Jesse stopped crying. I grabbed my puke-ridden kid and hugged him to bits. He turned to me and gave me his signature shit-eating grin, flashing his two brand new pearly whites. As he did that, clouds parted in the sky and the sun shone through, basking father and son in its glorious morning beam. It was gonna be an okay day after all.

That was two hours ago. It's 11:00 am and for some reason I'm still here at the Citroen workshop waiting for my car. And even as my stinky, unbathed body festers away in this waiting room, a shitload of work and some pretty unreasonable deadlines await me at the office.

There better be water when I get home tonight or heads will roll!


  1. It's only halfway thru Monday, James. Hope you get through it alive (and with a shower at the end). Heh

  2. adoi kesiannya... i had a bad monday last week, urrghhh my shoes' strap broke and i had to hobbled around in the office. luckily no appointment to meet client!

  3. You are so melodramatic James. Love your description of a bad day. Hope it ends on a high note, yes? :+: And hope that Jesse did not puke for any other reason other than a bumpy car ride.

  4. Its all Monday's fault. Hate Mondays.

  5. poor james..... doesn't sound pleasant. but with a nice smile at the end :)

  6. It just another Maniac Monday....:P

  7. the day doesn't seems very bad in your writing you know? this is the magic of our kids, they make us sail smoothly in the storm.

  8. :( Sounds terrible ... especially the part where someone stole your water. It's a government conspiracy. You should tell them to start an investigation!
    Think most of us have had 'one of those days' Unsurprisingly enough, when I tell my friends about our draught problems and water shortage, they look alarmed since, of course, as pampered as Americans are, there really hasn't ever been any sort of real water shortage. Hope your week goes better!

  9. I made it, Norzu. I'm alive and sweet-smelling! :lol:
    I can't relate to that since I don't wear shoes in the office, Babe! :)
    Melodrama runs in my family, MG. And no, Jesse is fine. He was all happy when he got to Grandma's house.
    WoOoOo... sounds like a Boomtown Rats song, Annu!
    Yes Adriene, the end was far better than the beginning.
    Michelle, this Monday is all the Mondays I need for the rest of my life! :lol:
    Isn't it, Twinsmom? :) The moment Jesse started smiling again, everything got better.
    Yes Gwen, they stole my water. Thankfully they gave it back. Hehh. Oh btw, it wasn't a draught that caused this. Apparently the water pump in my apartment building broke and so there was no supply. Ugh!

  10. *giggle* The whole post sounded ... so funny. *giggle some more* A whole drama in the little mini.

  11. hope u had a good father's day tho....

  12. Eh? Why you never thought of bringing your clothes to your in-laws house and take a bath? DUH.