Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rojak Post

I'm usually very focused (some say anal-retentive) in my blogging in the sense that I usually stick to one topic. But right now there are a whole bunch of things that are bursting to come out of my brains.

Mae and Jesse got me a nice Braun Buffel wallet. This is the beauty of having small children - you can take their money and buy stuff for yourself on your birthday, fathers' day, anniversary, etc. and they can do a damn thing about it. Wahahah! We didn't really celebrate but we did buy Mae's dad a nice dinner. As for me, I somehow feel that I haven't earned the right to have someone throw me a Fathers' Day bash just yet. So far, all I've done is put my... erm... genetic material into Mae and voila, all of a sudden I'm a father. Maybe by next year I'd be more deserving. Heh!

Yesterday I flipped open the Star and oh, the horror! Hehehhh! Congratulations to Suanie, Minishorts, Kenny Sia, Peter and Aizuddin, and thanks for putting blogs in the minds of Malaysians. Congrats also to Jeff Ooi for the recent win. I'm sure it was my vote that made the difference. Hehhehh! It is my honour to share my ping on the same page on PPS as you fellas.

I'm really dying to go. Maybe Mae and I will pop by for a drink or two. If we do go, it'll be a short one. :)

Mae called me a short while ago. "Jesse said 'Apple'," she screamed over the phone. "He grabbed the tomato flashcard and said 'Apple'." I guess the boy's not too bright. But then again, the tomato in our Fruits & Vegetables Flashcards does kinda look like an apple. Close enough, I guess. Also, I'm glad Jesse enjoys the flashcards we got for him. To him it's all a game, so he's having fun and learning stuff at the same time. If only all education was like that.

Jesse is at the stage where he leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. He'd been biting my mobile phone, slathering his drool all over it. As a result, my Nokia isn't working so great these days. He also screwed up the CD tray of our stereo. Mae thinks it's great that I don't take it too badly that our son is destroying our stuff. Little does she know I'm actually plotting my revenge. When the boy gets his first car, he'll know what destruction is. Hehehh!

In my first month at the gym, I lost 5kgs. Now, two months later, I've only lost another 1kg. *sigh* Truth is, I've been slacking. I was working out daily. These days, I'll be happy if I can squeeze in 3 days in a week. Also, I'm eating like a pig once again. I'm now at 80kgs. I prefer to be 72kgs. This is an uphill task for a glutton such as I. God give me strength.

Mae and I will be watching this at a client's special preview screening. I'm not a big fan of Chinese movies but this one is directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, the guys who brought us Infernal Affairs. So I fully expect this to rock. And if it doesn't I'll throw popcorn at the screen. :)

Is there a problem with Haloscan or it is just me? On several occassions I replied to the comments, submitted my comments only to find that it has mysteriously disappeared. This sucks. And not in a good way too.

Ugh! There's the rojak post. Not the most elegant piece I've ever written, but then again, when have I ever written anything remotely elegant? Still, it was therapeutic for me. Oh yah, I did intend to put in some links but I got lazy. Sue me.


  1. I like this style. Very MTV-like. I predict this won't be the last time you write an entry this way...

  2. cheh i thot food post kekeke solli arh this babe only lups to eat :D
    my boiboi's nickname is "The Destroyer"!!! so you guys are not alone
    you must keep up, dun slack in yr workouts... move it, move it!

  3. hehehe i like it all the same. especially the last one. cute cute;D

  4. This style is good for me (short attention span).
    Happy Father's Day!

  5. What's wrong with a summary of short posts? Nice to have short recaps every now and then. That, and I have a fondness for rojak :P My son's going to be one as well :o

  6. Yah lor! Yesterday I replied 'Bad Moon Rising' to your 'Bad Day Brewing' It din' show up. hrrmphh! :(

  7. Misc post is good, a week's worth all rolled into one (for me, it would probably be a month's worth). Heh! Ooo, I'm a Braun Buffel fan. Saw the title: Me and my Blog in The Star and my eyes were fixed too! Err, what's PPS? I'm on a diet to lose fats too but I'm constantly hungry. *sigh*

  8. take it easy on the weight losing mission. don't want that skin to sag from rapid weight loss. (haha..great excuse eh?)

  9. When Nokias become food, and electronics become playthings, you know theres a kid behind the trail of destruction!
    And a cutey pie at that! ;p

  10. good vibrations....it's like my exam's "rumusan" paper all over again. but at least this is in WWW color

  11. Yeah - I see you at the PPS meeting, finally!

  12. you having trouble with haloscan too? no wonder yesterday i posted a comment but then morning i no see the comment. i think it might have disappeared into thin air too.
    maybe haloscan is having some bug or what. check the forum to get some answers.

  13. i lost you ? LOL, im good. basically this entry reminds me of my BM exam paper whereby the examinee need to make the passage given contrite and brief, while keeping the important information.

  14. Yeah, he's half white :P as my hubby is whitey lolol

  15. Happy belated father's day, James!! First time! :)
    Eh? You were in the Initial-D preview meh? how come never see you? I was there.
    Well, a glutton will always be a glutton. Just need to exercise more!

  16. You're always good, Leo. :lol:
    Hahh. I guess that's rojak then, Gwen. :)
    Thanks Gina. The place was super-packed!