Friday, June 10, 2005

No PPS Bash For Us!

too young to smoke?

It's Jesse's fault really. I just know he'll be up to no good should we decide to go to the PPS 2nd Anniversary Birthday Bash at Charlie's. Jesse is quick to pick up bad habits. Already the boy has developed a taste for beer (though that is largely my fault). At the bash he'll most likely take up smoking too. And the last thing we want is for Jesse to start bumming PPS's head honcho's cubans. Heck, we'll be thrown out of PPS and excommunicated by the Malaysian blogging community. Heh!

Actually, I have been looking forward to the bash. It'll be great to meet up with the people I read - do that handshake thing, and that mingling bit, and probably that eating thing. Unfortunately, it will be a weeknight and that might not work out for us since we'll have nowhere to dump the kid. And much as we'd like to bring him along, that might not be a good idea. It'll probably go past his bedtime. Besides, the place - like any self-respecting nightspot, might be too smokey for him. So it looks like we'll have to give this one a miss. I apologize.

I have also been looking forward to Peter's blogger-meet at MidValley (Is this the month for Malaysian bloggers or what?). Unfortunately, due to some weird cosmic event that seems to be yanking me away from you wonderful blogfolks, I will be working this Sunday.

Well, I hope the lot of you will turn out for the events - especially PPS2ABB. I fully expect it to be a momentous occasion in the annals of modern history. Think Woodstock. Or Band Aid. Or Charles and Camilia. Or that time when Pamela Anderson got her... erm... stuffings removed. So go and be a part of history. If you do go, drink some beer, light up a stogie and eat some ribs on my behalf. *sniff*

Even though my person will not be there with you, my heart will surely be. And yeah, probably my stomach too.


  1. LOL!! It's some consolation (oh, miserwee lurves compernie) to know I am not alone in missing out the two blog-socials of the year!
    Will miss Peter's meet as I stuffed myself absolutely silly (and literally sick) with my divine rice dumplings.
    Will miss the PPS Anniversay bash as I'll be out of town. just as well, I so look like a well packed dumpling now, I won't be able to find a dress I can stuff myself into, anyway. :P

  2. LOL a little mafia in the making!
    gosh u terror la... the editing of the pic is so good

  3. Gawd, this is a funny post!
    Sorry, you won't be there. What about dropping by yourself for a quick drink?

  4. darn, thot i'd get to meet you there, but i guess you can anytime share a kahlua with Jesse at home, right?

  5. Hahah, Percolator. Well, at least you have your dumplings to console you.
    What editing? He was really smoking, Babe. *ahem*
    Hmm, that's an idea Aiz. We'll see.
    Yeah Simon, and if I'm lucky, maybe he'll gimme more than a sip.

  6. Whaat??? You won't be able to make it for this Sunday's meet too???? At last try for the PPS mah. I am sure a lot of us would like to ssee how Jesse's parents look like in real life.

  7. We'll see what happens, Peter.