Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Whose Yo Daddy?

Mae's recently learnt from a friend, a technique in getting Jesse to repeat certain words. "Buh-buh-buh-Ball," Mae would say to Jesse, repeating the consonant three times. And everytime she did it, the boy would stare in wonderment at her lips. Then out of the blue he went, "Bahl!" We clapped and cheered like idiots.

Until it hit me that my son said "Ball" before he even tried "Daddy". Hmph.

Mae took pity on me and tried to teach him. "Duh-duh-duh-Daddy!" But Jesse was not impressed. "Bahl," the word rolled of his lips with ease, as if to mock me. "Jesse, say 'Daddy'," I cried in one last futile attempt. Then he turned his little head towards me and gave me his angelic little smile. "Bahl!" It was hopeless.

Over the last few days, he came close. "Duh-duh," he'd say. He didn't mean it, of course. He was playing with the remote at the time, or doing something equally inane.

This morning I was playing with him when he suddenly stopped and said, "Deh-deh!" I grabbed him, gave him a big bear hug and blew a raspberry in his little neck. He squealed like a little monkey.

I tried to get him to repeat it but the boy refused, preferring instead to amuse himself with Mommy's tube of hand cream. Still, it was good enough for me. I'm still grinning from this morning. :)


  1. Awwww yayyyyyyyyy the first daddy (deh deh) :pppp

  2. Isn't Bah another word for Daddy? Just take that and run with it, James! ;)

  3. "Bah" as in chinese mah~! :P Jesse will start to picking up words from now. Hehe, maybe you should becareful of what you are saying now. Who knows what word he might learn next. :)

  4. awww how scweeetttt... he's fast eh... my boiboi called dada when he's close to 1. made dada cried when he first hear those 2 words

  5. Haha. Don't give up James. He'll get there eventually.

  6. that's really sweet.. make me wanna become a dad

  7. Here's an idea:
    Renaming your site to Poopy Meals (since it's mostly about your son) LOL but it such a turn off while posting about your favorite food spots lmao

  8. well congrats to you that you finally heard 'deh deh' from jesse. i can imagine the joy.

  9. hey why don't you get him to call you papa instead? trust me, it's easier for babies to say pa! ;)

  10. I concur with momof2, learning papa is easier than daddy. My gal pick that up at 8 months. She thinks papa is easier to say than mama...sigh.

  11. James beaming in the whole post :D.
    Happy Father's Day wor.

  12. the times when u don't want to hear them..
    1) when they're whining
    2) when they need to pee/poo, when u're in the middle of NOWHERE!
    3) when u're sleeping soundly, and finally..
    4) doing the No.2 biz.
    hahahahahahah.. happy pop's day!
    btw, my first kid's word and remained so for a very long time... CAR.

  13. ok, i digress. but what does it really mean when men shouts "whoz your daddy?". stupid question it may be, but i'd like to know.
    wanna share some light on this, daddy o?

  14. It's supposed to be kinky, anjali.
    Like when you uh ... play some lolita fetish or something you smack the girl's butt and yell
    WHO'S YO DADDY NOW, B****!?!?

  15. Happy Father's Day to you James and all the papa who visits here :)

  16. Ok. So are you supposed to shout your actual father's name or the one who smacked you? Bwahahaah :lol:

  17. Hey James! Bah is also daddy know baba in Mandarin? So Jesse did call daddy first..hehehe :P

  18. :) Visithra. It's a thrill!
    I would Sashi. But then my status would have downgraded to that of Jesse's football. *sigh*
    You're right Jason. Reminds me of "Meet The Fockers"!!
    :lol: Babe, if I waited, I'd cry too. Hahahah... I'm kidding. I suppose I'd cry too if I knee Jesse understood that he was calling me.
    Sure he will Kat. But until then I'll have to contend with him saying every other word before "Daddy"! :o(
    You ought to CCCP! Most rewarding thing ever inspite of the pooping and peeing!
    Hahah, great idea Gwen! *piak*
    Yes, it was almost cause for celebration, Lucia!
    Too late for that now, Momof2. Poor kid would be confused! :)
    You're probably right Michelle, but then again, whatever Jesse says now doesn't actually mean anything. He's just mimicking what he hears.
    Thanks Twinsmom. Yes. Beaming.
    Thanks MOO+1. So I guess your kid's gonna be a car freak when he grows up, eh?
    Anjali, pls see Gwen. :lol:
    Thanks YP!
    :lol: Ariel. And based on that, I guess his first language is Mandarin.