Monday, August 2, 2004

Billy Bob Teeth

all Baby wants for Christmas

Lemme tell you something about parenthood. I think all parents secretly wished their children look like them. Never mind if I look like a reject from the Lucky Troll factory. Never mind that I have a face fit for radio. If Baby ever comes out looking like me, I'll be the proudest daddy in the whole wide world!

For Baby Jesse to look like me, I have taken drastic measures. Thanks to Billy-Bob's Pacifiers, Baby can now inherit daddy's thick lips and buck teeth. Hahhahh!! What a hoot!

Actually, my sis Sue and her hubby Ah Fook got this from Singapore some months back. I had tried to find it ever since receiving those hilarious shots of babies with funny teeth. Unfortunately, no one in Malaysia carries this wonderful product. Perhaps Malaysian are just too conservative for such things. Too bad. Think of all the photo opportunities thousands of Malaysian parents are missing.

But seriously, Baby can do no wrong turning out like mommy in the looks department. Combined with daddy's wit and charm (*ahem*), we'll have a little lady-killer in our hands.

Here's hoping. :)


  1. Ha ha ha...I was looking for those pacifiers in Malaysia but couldn't find one. I can imagine my daughter wearing it! LOL!

  2. The perils of being a newborn!!!!
    1. Your parents decide what you gonna wear...
    2. Your parents have a wierd sense of humour...
    3. Your parents takes lots and lots of pictures that you will regret in future when all your friends or girlfriend comes over and they decide to get friendly and show all the pictures they took of you when they are experimenting stuff on you to all your friends....
    4. IT ROCKS TO BE PARENTS!!! *grinz
    P.S. Anyway... didn't all of us go through that... hahahaha rock on Daddy O.... keep on taking those pictures that you will definitely cherish for life... Baby will definitely appreciate it too when he's bigger... i think...*grinz

  3. This pagan will pray hard that baby Jesse looks more like mom than dad.

  4. Hehe, dat's cool stuff you've got there dude! Wonder if i could get a few around here to give out to expecting friends :P Imagine their surprise on receiving this, eheh

  5. OMG that's sooooo cute! I want one!!!
    (the pacifier, not a baby)

  6. Online shopping lah, Papi! :)
    Spot on, Alvink! People have kids so that they can have someone to torment. :lol:
    Feh! I'm not that bad lah, Gina!!!
    Order in bulklah, Leokoo. This might be a new business opportunity for you. :)
    It's easier to get the baby, mdmafia! :lol:

  7. My sister is getting some ideas... bad ones... like getting one of these for her son. Bad James! Baaaaaaaad James! =P

  8. :lol: Najah, I would collect them all, but my voice of sanity (read: Mae) stops me. *sigh*