Monday, March 21, 2005

Really Caught In The Act

On Friday I channel-surfed into "Really Caught in The Act" on Astro. In one particularly riveting segment, we were shown the footage off one of those Nanny Cams installed at home.

This family had left their young child, probably 8 - 10 months old, under the charge of a 40-something year old nanny. And while daddy and mommy were out, ol' nanny turned into a mega bitch!

Babies are never easy to deal with. I do get frustrated with Jesse sometimes. On his bad days he'll just cry and cry and there isn't anything in the world you can do to pacify him. Sometimes, I find myself thinking, "Stop crying, you little shit!" Sometimes, I think out loud. And then I remind myself that I, too, was once a little shit myself.

Babies cry. It's the only way they communicate. That's the way Jesse communicates. If he's especially difficult, you can spank him on his buttocks. You can even smack him on the palm of his hand. And you can scold him. But if anyone ever took out their anger on him violently, they will encounter my wrath.

In one snippet from the program, the nanny shook the baby violently when the child refused to stop crying. In another, the nanny rapped the poor kid's tiny fingers with a remote control. But the worst of all was when she threw the baby on to the floor. I was filled with murderous rage from what I saw. If anyone ever did that to my son, or any other child for that matter, I don't think I'd be able to show any restraint. Mae made me promise to never kill anyone. I pray that I never, ever feel the need to.

Some people think babies and kids are annoying little shits. We'll, they're not. At least not deliberately. And at least not for a few years. Shittiness seeps in when you're growing up and is most definitive when you've reached adulthood. And yes, hating kids is a form of shittiness if not the most vile. You don't have to love kids, but if you dislike them then there's something very wrong with you.

Don't argue with me on this. Not unless you were born an adult.


  1. Threw the baby on the floor?! WTF... That is soo..... o.O"""

  2. I used to hate kids, especially babies. But I guess I've changed since I can actually stand being around babies and even be a nice "aunty" nowadays. Maybe I was afraid of them... hmmm

  3. wow, james. you sound so serious (esp. last para). rightly so. this is a serious matter.
    i agree with you that hating kids is a form of shittiness. very. can't understand how can people hurt inocents small babies/kids. so geram. if i see someone throw a baby, i too would have murderous thought if i see such happening.

  4. Hahaha, James, I just told off someone (not that I know her) to go throw her baby head on the floor, stuff with pillow, strangle with her hands or something. Because she actually fed her baby with water, a 2 (TWO!) mths old baby, with the hope that the baby will sleep through the nite and she can sleep peacefully. Come on! WTF she wants to be a mother for if she cannot endure some sleepless nites? So, if you need anyone to help you kill, just gimme a call!

  5. you don't have to love kids, but if you dislike them then there's something very wrong with you.
    Deja vu
    That one reminds me very much of a dialogue in SePeT, "Who cares if you like someone because of their race, but it's when you hate them - that's the problem"

  6. just to be in the topic... I don't hate kids... I am just terrified of them. Kids nowadays are pretty mean you know.

  7. Whether your kid is shitty or angelic depends on you. You must admit there are some spoilt brats running around, and it's all the parents' fault.
    It is indeed rare to find a well-behaved kid. But not impossible.

  8. My thoughts exactly, Jason.
    :lol: I think most of us go thru a phase of hating kids, Norzu. And then we grow up.
    Heh! I guess I was pretty worked up when I blogged this, Lucia!
    :lol: Lilian, you sure like to flame 'em, duncha? I suppose you're right, you can't have a kid and not expect to suffer. But do go easy on us new parents - a lot of us just get bad advice from our parents.
    "Kids nowadays are pretty mean you know" - That's probably an accurate observation, Bee. A lot of kids behave like shit these days. The question is, how did they get that way?
    Spot on, AhPink! Maybe I should have said, "Don't hate the kid, hate the parent!"

  9. Children/babies are the cutest, most adorable gifts from God. How can someone hate them?
    I love kids and kiddies love me. :)

  10. urghhh... my friend did installed camera in his house to check on his maid AND also his 3 children. he and his wife will logon to the net and view the on goings from their office! talk about technology... they even picked a kindy dat has cameras in the classrooms. parents can login to their website and monitor their children and check out their beautiful teachers :p hehehe...
    last nite during dinner... i looked up and saw this child about 1 year old was sobbing away and his mummy was pacifying him. then i saw a red patch on his cheeks, i counted... its 3 fingers marks on top of the red patch!!!! aiyoh why lah slap him on his face???
    even my hubby was disgusted! watever it is, DO NOT slap a child's face... one miss step and one might hit their ear which can led to deafness!!!
    whack their bum bum, palms and legs but never never on their face!

  11. you don't have to love kids, but if you dislike them then there's something very wrong with you.
    ---totally agree on this - ppl forget they were once whiny babies as well. Kids are spoiled brats because of their parents. If the parent didn't encourage the kid, kid wouldnt have the guts to be a pain. There's a new breed of parents who will defend their spoiled brats and instead attack you for calling them a brat. James don't ever turn Jesse that way.

  12. Hahahha. I love kids, as long as they are not mine. Hhahaha.

  13. I dont get it. Wont they just cry someMORE from the pain if someone hits/whacks/shakes/throws them..

  14. As the parent of a 3 year old girl and a 4 month old baby girl, yes, the crying can get me really frustrated sometimes. But you're right. That's what babies do. She can't tell me if her tummy's hurting or she's got a headache or whatever, so she cries. And I have to remind myself that she's not trying to be a little pain just because she wants to.
    But later on when you make they eye contact and her whole face lights up with a huge smile just for you...then you know that it's all worth it.